Some Contest entries for the Advanced Technology Korea Video Contest

If you recall, I made a post about the Advanced Technology Korea Video contest a while back. I recently learned that the contest had extended its submission period beyond October 15th, and now submissions are closed. So I thought I’d take a look at some of the submissions. Voting for the winners will begin in five days, but let’s take a good look at all the videos I can locate.

This first one is really impressive. The person who made it obviously has video skills. His rapping however… well it’s a nice try, and he looks like a cool guy.

This next one was kind of funny. I’m sure this family had a lot of fun making it.

This one’s kind of bizzare, but the effect was cool.

This one is good, but I’m not sure how waving your hand in the air will get things to appear like that. Interesting idea though.

I think this next one was very well thought out. I’d have liked to see more special effects, but it’s funny.

This next one seems like something you’d actually see coming off the plane in Incheon Airport.

This one made me laugh a lot. It reminds me of Beavis and Butthead. I’m not sure if it’s a serious entry, but it’s so funny!

All in all I think the videos that were submitted showed a good effort by the makers, and public voting for the contest begins in 5 days, November 15th.

Here’s the contest website again if you’d like to vote.


4 Responses to “Some Contest entries for the Advanced Technology Korea Video Contest”

  1. haha I love these videos 😛 These ones actually makes me want to participate for the next one, if there is another 😛

  2. Good videos~~ I want to make the kind of the videos, but I do not have any skill to make like them. I envy~~

  3. only to see a video (first) projection of video, I love their realization, in fact almost most of these videos are made so cinematic, so the best option to see them is in a movie theater
    until 15 November, that day is my birthday, I hope to see the videos in another pc

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