Samsung and Apple are not really competitors, but actually collaborators?

This graphic would have us assume that Apple, Samsung, and LG are actually in competition with each other... But are they?

One of my readers provided me with a link to this article, which suggests that Apple and Samsung benefit greatly from each other, rather than being in direct competition.

It’s certainly true that many of Samsung’s products appear to be copies of Apple products, with the Galaxy-S being Samsung’s version of the i-phone and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab being a copy of the i-pad. However, this article suggests that neither company would be what it is today without the other. After all, many of Apples products, including the i-pad, are made with Samsung parts.

The article further suggests that Samsung benefits from Apple’s innovation, and Samsung is able to deliver products to the general market, whereas Apple targets the high end market.

The ipod used to carry both Apple's and HP's logo...

It got me to thinking, if Apple products rely so much on Samsung, wouldn’t it be neat if Samsung were to put its label on Apple products and just license the Apple name? It certainly has happened before, when the ipod first came on the market, HP licensed the Apple name and produced a lot of the ipods themsevles. There’s probably a reason why neither group has suggested the idea. Perhaps calling Samsung products as Apple products would be too cost prohibitive for Samsung… but if Samsung were to do exactly that, it wouldn’t be the first time something like this has occured.

Hyundai electronics once manufactured the Nintendo Entertainment System in Korea.

So, if I had my way, you’d see the Samsung logo on the i-pad and i-phone… but perhaps Samsung is better off making their own products that are merely similar to Apple ones.


8 Responses to “Samsung and Apple are not really competitors, but actually collaborators?”

  1. It would be a great idea if samsung starts making iphones/ipads… i guess it would be more affordable, right?
    Anyway I like samsung, (I’m not an iphone fan…) I just bought a samsung s550 digicam and I was actually writting a post about the Epic 4… I want that phone lol it’s so cool.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      It would be somewhat cheaper if Samsung makes more of the parts, and vastly cheaper in Korea which has trade barriers against certain foreign made products.

  2. the suggestion is not bad, but there are companies that prefer the solo role, and Apple would not be the first time you do, and holdings of one example Bill Gates, but of course times change, so that possibility is open .

    which incidentally just here in Mexico and went on sale the Galaxy

  3. 30% of I-phone parts are supplied by Samsung and LCD display pannel is LG’s product.
    Actually, Korean hardware manufacture system is number one in the world, but Not software. Apple has the software technology.
    In my opinion, Samsung and LG have to develope their software technology.

    • I think so.

      Software is very important to control hardware. Also, when it’s developed once, it doesn’t cost a lot to copy it. That means they can make a big profit with a little money, but it’s very hard to develop software…

  4. Its really an informative article cause, it helps us set things straight. Since a lot of people argue which came first.

    Anyways I guess that is a reason why Samsung is so amazing in imitating apple products lol well, hardware wise, Samsung products are better, its just the software but, android isn’t a bad choice

    • I think Samsung does not have any choice for their smart phone software. The Wave OS (Samsung’s own software) were still be improved os but Android was proven. Android in Galaxy S was Samsung’s best choice.

  5. I’m so proud of that Samsung is one of the best company in Electronics and providing salient parts in Iphone. But I can’t help thinking that why Samsung didn’t make Galaxy-S and Galaxy Tab before Iphone and Ipad launched if they have enough technology and capability?

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