Dancing Robots!

Korea is really a leader in Robotic Technology and recently on Korean TV there have been many demonstrations of Korean robots, from robot soccer, to robot fighting and the like.  Sometimes the Korean robots take on Japanese robots in specific competitions.

One of my colleagues at work recently attended an exposition of Korean technology in Indonesia and recorded the robots in action!  These robots were made by Minirobot, a company in Korea that specializes in robots and the technology required to build them!  Check out the video!

Robotic technology is steadily increasing in Korea.  Some people are even predicting that in the future robots will replace teachers in the classroom.  I personally don’t think it’s a great idea, but the fact that people are planning things like this show that Korean robot technology is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Eventually we will have robot domestic servants, laborers and robots will perform menial jobs.  That certainly sounds interesting, but I think it might hurt the economy, as many people will find themselves out of work after they are replaced by robot slaves.

Then there’s no telling what will happen once the robots become self aware…

Terminator anyone?  Gosh, I hope not!

Until then, the dancing robots are at least pretty cool.


16 Responses to “Dancing Robots!”

  1. The video is not available 😦
    I really like robots, but I wouldn’t like to have one as a teacher… too scary for me >_<

  2. I can see it now thank you 🙂
    it kinda reminded me the movie Hellboy (3 I think?) Something about golden soldiers 😐
    but they are very well synchronized!
    I saw on the news a few months ago about some Mexicans that went to show their robots… Robotic is more important in Mexico now..
    I found this: http://roboticaeducativa.com.mx/blog/?page_id=13&lang=en

    • Interesting article! I like the quote : Korean Concept

      “In the Twenty First Century human beings will have to coexist with the first artificial extraterrestrial intelligence in human history: robots. It will be an encounter which will provoke problems of the ethnic, social and economic types.”.

      Recently, I spoke with lot of people who have traveled through Asia and studying oriental cultures. They notice, as I do, that there is a big difference between European and Asian countries for what “the concept of technology” is concerned.
      In high-tech countries such as Korea and Japan the traditions and the contact with “reality” and nature are still present. It is as if present, past and future are living in unison.
      This isn’t happening in Europe where technology has become a “status symbol” and it has also changed people’s interactions and relationships. Also children just play with video games and rarely play with normal toys or play together.
      The cause of this big difference is maybe based on the fact that the Korean society, as much as other asian countries, are based on communitarism (with the aim of preserving harmony) and not on individualism as all European countries and USA do.
      So, my thought is that maybe “we” have a lot to learn from communitarian societies before facing robots as Korea can do.

  3. Wow! They’re really dancing!
    I agree with the fact that Korean technology is improving its skills but I really hope that robots wouldn’t go that far as replacing teachers and menial workers. This would not only hurt economy but also society (from an anthropological point of view).
    I think that it’s nice to have robots doing hard works and helping people but not replacing them…

  4. That might hurt the economy ‘for the time being’, but it’s neccessary to be replaced by robots. That’s the way to advance the quality of our life as new technology has done. I know the standard of the quality I said depends on what you think, but I mean the average!
    Indeed, computers replaced a number of jobs such as telephone operators.. but there are still a job which only people can do!

    I think there’s no answer about which one is right, but the fact is that’s actually happening now. Nobody denies it and stops it! so we have to get used to it as it happens.

    By the way, the robots are very cute 🙂

  5. The cartwheels were the most impressive.

  6. They are so cute. Dancing Robot ,,lol
    Someday I hope robot dancers will replace the back up dancer’s position. If that technology will improve more and more, someday robots might influence a new type of music. Just I guess. 🙂

  7. In Korea, there is a EBS channel which is related with education. And it shows a program about robots, but I am not sure, because it is not my favorite program. Anyway, robots have a fight with others there.

  8. Hwang Sun Ju Says:

    OH!! I had seen this vedio in former days. These robots are so cute. And robots looks like a wave. I want that the robotic technology will be developed.

  9. fails to see the video, but do not doubt the ability of robots.
    here in Mexico at the high school level are minirobots contests and the winning students go to international competition in Japan or wherever the headquarters of the competition and I have also understood that Japanese, Korean and American students recruited from the universdad and sometimes from preparatory to manufacture and design of these robots

  10. It’s so unbelievable~~ I was very surprised that Korean can make amazing robot like as above.

  11. daunsirsakjakarta.com

    Dancing Robots! | Eugene is huge!

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