I'm back!

Well, after three weeks away, I am back, and married!  My wife and I were married on the 10th of October, (that’s 10.10.10!), and then we went to the U.S. and did the whole thing again.  In Korea I had a “western style” wedding and a traditional ceremony afterward (called the Pyebek ceremony.)

The Pyebek ceremony is one where the bride and groom wear traditional clothes and relatives of the groom give their well wishes and throw fruits at the bride’s dress so that she will be fertile and have many children (though I’m only hoping for one or two.)  They then give some money (yay) to the groom (yay), which he presents to his bride(aww).  I think I look ridiculous in Korean traditional clothing, but everyone said I looked alright.

One funny thing was that my mother, who isn’t Korean was wearing traditional Korean clothes.  Meanwhile, the bride’s mom who is Korean, was not.  Oh well, I guess they were going out of their way to accommodate each other.

After we got married, we went to the U.S., and I had an awful lot of good food (yay), went shopping a lot(boo), had another wedding ceremony, and then embarked on my honeymoon to Aruba.  Aruba was pretty awesome, but I ate some bad food somewhere and got kind of sick.

For those wondering, no, being a husband doesn’t feel much different from being  a boyfriend, but I’m only on day 15 so far.

When I was gone, I was almost completely shut off from what’s going on in Korea, and I came back to find that Korea is really getting itself in gear to host the G20 summit!  There are signs for it everywhere.  Korea, as the 9th (or somewhere between 9th-13th) largest economy in the world, is really putting its best foot forward for the G20 summit this year.  I’ll be sure to write in with any new developments in that regard.

At the moment I am still on Eastern Standard (American) time, where it is 1:39 AM.  I am therefore really sleepy.  This is why I don’t have any cool pictures to go with this post.  Sorry.


9 Responses to “I'm back!”

  1. go! there are only half-hour time difference between Venezuela and Mexico … for now as they departed from the Torah week is the time change ..
    I’m delighted to know that I really enjoy your wedding and that’s going a nice honeymoon.:D

    and the G 20, as far as I read there are many viewers around the world economy.

  2. Again…Congrats!!!
    LOL at the “hey then give some money (yay) to the groom (yay), which he presents to his bride(aww).”
    Welcome back 🙂

  3. Hwang Sun Ju Says:

    Congratulation!! And welcome back!!
    I saw the Pyebek ceremony in TV, so I know this ceremony. Again welcome back!!

  4. oh! Welcome back SS!
    It’s so nice to hear good news from you! 10.10.10: good choice ;D

    Oh yeah G20! Months ago I saw this video promoting it. I think it’s really well made.

  5. Welcome!!^^
    I’ve been waiting for your new postings.
    And I wish your happy marital life. ^^

  6. I’m happy to see your post again 🙂
    Welcome back and congratulations again!

  7. Welcome home~~ ^^
    I hope your new and fresh posting~~

  8. Wow~ congratulation!
    why didn’t I know this happy occasion? (hahaha)
    I want you to bolg many posts!
    I’m very happy.

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