Hello from Aruba….

I'm told that this picture was taken on New Year's Day. That's JANUARY!

Where luxury hotels have TVs made by Daewoo.

Where Samsung phones are seen as symbols of status.

Where people who have never even heard of Korea are using Korean products in their daily lives.

And where I am having an awesome honeymoon.  Ahh yeaaa Aruba!

But I’ll be back in Korea by next week.  So we can get back to business!


17 Responses to “Hello from Aruba….”

  1. It’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I googled ‘Aruba’ where I’ve never heard about. What a wonderful wonderful wonderful island 🙂 I envy you!

    Do they use Daewoo TVs? haha Thoes are probably pretty old, right? ^^

  2. Awesome!!!!!
    Enjoy!! 🙂

  3. 😀 wooo It’s beatiful!!!
    ganbate kudasai!!!

  4. Just curious, is your wife Korean?

  5. Aruba!!! I think it’s a perfect place for a honeymoon and also for relaxing far from the chaotic cities! Enjoy it!!! ^_~

  6. Gorgeous!! I am just wondering where is Aruba?

  7. Aruba is in the southern Caribbean Sea, located north of the coast of Venezuela. n_n

  8. so that these ne go America!, you would like to go through mexico? gisela and me could be your guides for tourists! (^o^)

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