Wanna check out Korea’s medical care?

As usual, I was searching around and found an interesting event that is about to be held soon. It’s known as “Experience Seoul Medical Tour”. Presented by Seoul Medical Tourism Center, established and operated by Seoul city government, it invites international tourists and non-Korean residents of Korea (who are over the age of 20) to experience Korea’s advanced medical care. Participants who are interested, can win a chance to experience Korea’s advanced (and the latest) cosmetic medical treatments for free provided by Seoul city’s partnering hospitals and clinics. Yup! At least we know it’s completely safe.

The event is parted into two parts – beauty/cosmetics and health/detox. For the first theme, beauty, services such as customized medical skin care (plus, plastic surgery consultation), Botox injection for wrinkles near the eye (also with a plastic surgery consultation) and teeth whitening with whitening skin care are provided. You can choose any service out of the three and just write a review about the service afterwards. Pretty cool, right? Well, here’s the downside to this great news (I know, I know but there’s only one. So relax). Numerous people can apply to participate, but only six people can be chosen. Now, here’s a tip for all of you people rushing to your computers to sign up. Seoul Medical Tourism Center is looking for well written reviews that they can share to the public (such as newspapers, magazines and online resources). So make sure to show your passion and how eager you are!

Treatments that are offered for theme “beauty”.

Did I grab your attention? Let’s move on to the second theme, shall we? The second theme is focused on health, providing services such as a full health check up and oriental medicine beauty care. Same rule applies as above. Although… since there’s only two events, only four people are going to be chosen. So once again, show ‘em the passion!!! Oh, and hurry?!

Seoul Medical Tourism Center has announced that applications, for those who are interested, will be taken from October 15th (Friday) to November 5th (Friday), for both themes. However, for theme beauty, the event starts from November 8th (Monday) and for theme health, the event starts from December 8th (Wednesday). So make sure to check your schedules.

Here’s a link for more detailed information : http://eng.seoulmedicaltour.com/ (when the pop-up window shows, click “see more”. Follow Haechi! Well…sorta…)


10 Responses to “Wanna check out Korea’s medical care?”

  1. It’s so sad that I will be in the middle of the semester. BTW, why they hold this event during winter? It’s not a good season for trip in Korea. I’d rather hold it in summer.

    • It might not be good to have any medical cure in summer because of a sweat.. The most important reason that they prepare the service is to advertise how Korean medical technology is advanced. They may want more possiblilty to succed!

      I don’t have any medical knowledge.. that’s just my guess! haha

      but you’re exactly right 🙂 It’s too cold to travel in Korea in winter, but it might be better to have the medical cure in winter 😀

      Personally, I like winter in Korea! There’re a lot of things very Korean on streets such as 붕어빵(haha XD) and something else that I cannot explain^^
      Oh.. why am I talking about this?….. :(;;

  2. 🙂
    sounds very encouraging especially in the event you mention the gifts for participants 😀
    the bad thing is it’s only for a few .. and this event takes place that superiority…..for when the day comes to go to Korea to visit him .. and if possible, be one of those chosen to live the experience of tasting the best medicine of Korea!

  3. Must be something about the season that makes them wanna promote health, here in Mexico there will be a “Family Health Expo” soon, I guess is because with the cold and everything people tend to get ill easier… O_O

  4. Hwang Sun Ju Says:

    Oh! It was very interesting. I didn’t know this event. I think that Experience Seoul Medical Tour is very a new festival. I want to know more this event!

  5. I’ve already heard about this festival while listening to the radio but didn’t know about the cpmpetition! I’ve seen a documentary about hospitals in Korea. Some foreign patients who have been questioned about the services in Korea’s hospitals answered that it’s like been in a hotel!! 😀
    I think this festival is a good occasion to promote Korea’s health care.
    What about the so positevly discussed “Hi Seoul Festival”? 🙂

  6. LOL I would go only if I didn’t have school ㅡㅡ. I’m so happy medical treatment is so much cheaper in Korea than the US..

  7. Shouldn’t you be enjoying your honeymoon rather than searching the net looking for interesting events and free plastic surgery giveaways?

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