Mosquitoes are a problem? Wear this!

Mosquitoes seem to be a big problem in Asia, at least in comparison to the DC area.  Sure in DC, we have mosquitoes, but they never seem to be able to invade our houses and get us when we sleep.

In Korea or Japan however, they are like ninjas, getting in through the tiniest of cracks and sucking your blood all night while you sleep.

Sometimes I even let spiders live in my house in the hopes that some of the mosquitoes will be eradicated by my wonderful 8-legged friends.

Now imagine what it must be like outside!  If mosquitoes are a problem in your own home, then outside they must be a biblical plague.

Well, thanks to this new Korean product, the mos zero bracelet, you can keep mosquitoes away from you without having to spray on some stinky repellent or without having to retire to an area that is netted off with a mosquito net.

Fashionable, functional

Coupled with the fact that jelly bracelets are already a fad in some parts of the world, this mos zero bracelet is fashionable, and it really works.  I tried it a few nights ago when I had a meal outside and there were no mosquito bites on me at all.  It doesn’t stink to humans, and to top it off it glows in the dark!

Whoever was able to come up with this is a genius!


5 Responses to “Mosquitoes are a problem? Wear this!”

  1. :O
    Very useful, I don’t know why but before I went on vacations mosquitoes didn’t seem to be attracted by me but everything changed after my vacations 😐 and now they seem to love me 😦

  2. Wow! it is very useful information.
    But this season is fall.
    so I will use this later summer. haha

  3. Oh..+_+ Does it really work on whole body even though the bracelet is just on wrist? It’s interesting! Where can I buy it? How much is it? Give me some more information~

    • I was actually asking myself the same questions!!!

      I live on the lake… so during summer there are a lot of really “angry” mosquitos. They are tiger mosquitoes! Actually they come from Asia!
      It would be very usefull to have those bracelets!!

  4. The Seoul Searcher Says:

    I don’t know if they are sold outside of Korea, but they should be.

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