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Galaxy Tab!

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The Galaxy Tab, next to the Samsung's other Apple-challenging Galaxy-S phone.

Via gizmodo.

Okay, so there’s been a lot of hype about Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab, which people have been comparing to the i-pad made by apple.

Just as the Galaxy-S phone was seen as a direct competitor to the i-phone, the Galaxy Tab is a direct competitor of the i-pad.

As I don’t have either one of them, I’m not qualified to make any kind of comparison between the two products, but I can tell you that Samsung knows that the i-pad is popular, and therefore needs to somehow make its product better. The one thing I do know is that Galaxy Tab can use flash, but the ipad can’t.

Android OS based gadgets seem to be gaining prominence, and in some markets where the i-pad isn’t even released, this Galaxy-Tab could take a market share.

Here’s a link to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab website.

Do I want one? YES!

Here’s a comparison with the i-pad:



The train that never stops!

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Okay, this is actually an idea that I thought of years ago. I’m sure that a lot of people have thought of it themselves. It’s a train that never needs to stop at stations. This particular one seems to have been designed by someone in China, but there’s no word on whether this will actually ever be made.

Now, there are problems with this design. One mechanical mess up and the carrier car could go flying, killing everyone inside. It will have to be perfected until there’s no chance of failure. Continue reading

Korean Encryption Technology Set as Global Standard

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Via Choson Ilbo

Korea’s encryption technology is now world standard according to an article on the Choson Ilbo webpage.

I thought about this before actually reading the article, and it actually makes sense. I remember earlier complaining about the high level of security that is needed to operate the internet in Korea. Given that people must volunteer such highly valuable secret information just to play games online, it would make sense that encryption is a must!

Then I read the article.

Block-encryptions are mostly used in lightweight mobile devices and convert plaintext messages into ciphertext that such devices can understand.

Okay so this basically enables text messages to be sent to certain mobile devices, not necessarily making the information therein secret. It’s still an interesting article though!

Pump it up!

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In the late 1990’s a shift in video games occurred. In the 1980’s it was pretty much established that video games were to be played with a hand held controller. The shift occurred as video game technology changed. Games home games went to 3D, and were still primarily being played with a controller, but the coin operated games started needing a gimmick to be worth spending lots of money in an arcade. (Afterall, why would anyone pay good money to play a game in the arcade instead of waiting a few months to buy the home version, which they can play for free?)

So, what kinds of gimmicks started to be prominent?
Well, the first type were the gun games. These actually were not new, as gun games had been made since the 1970’s. But as graphical technology increased, the 3D realism of the gun games made them popular.

And then Japanese arcades became noisier...

Next, there were the music games. Here, the player had to have rhythm to perform a set of actions based on music. There were dancing games, band games, DJ games, and all sorts of games requiring manipulation of a musical instrument-like controller. Here, we will be mainly concerned with the dancing games.
Dancing games? Continue reading

Starcraft, the national pastime of Korea

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I am often asked by non-Koreans why Starcraft is so popular in Korea.  Starcraft, for those who don’t know, is a real time strategy game made by Blizzard in 1998.  It’s so popular in Korea to the point that there are professional Starcraft leagues, and 2 cable channels dedicated to the game.

In fact, even when Starcraft’s popularity in the U.S. waned in the early 2000’s and long after Blizzard’s next huge game, World of Warcraft was released, Starcraft was just as huge as it always had been in Korea. Continue reading

High Tech…. tupperware?

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So, what do you do when you live alone, but don’t want to go shopping everyday because you work, and that would be too tiring?
Why is that a problem?

Stuff you buy on Saturday isn’t fresh on Thursday. And even if it was, you wouldn’t be able to eat it fast enough after you opened it because you are only one person.

I have this problem with bread. Lately I’ve been freezing bread so that it doesn’t get all moldy before I eat it all. Such is the life of the single man who lives alone. I can only wonder what would happen if suddenly I had no power and all the food in my refigerator were to spoil. Would anything at all be salvageable?

Well, with this high tech Korean product, called Lock&Lock, it probably would!

Lock & Lock is high tech tupperware.

What’s high tech about tupperware? It’s just a plastic container that you seal shut.

Yes, that’s true, that is all it is, but, Lock & Lock is able to make a tighter seal, so that relatively few food harming bacterium make their way into your food.

The seal is thanks to the flexable rubber surrounding the lid of lock and lock, which, when wedged into the container, is really tight.  On top of that, each lid has 4 locking tabs, that ensure that the lid won’t come off by itself.  The result is that if you should put a piece of bread in there, put the container at the bottom of the bathtub for 2 days underwater, then pull it out and it would still be totally dry. (You’d also be smelly from not taking a bath for two days. Eww!)

Lock & Lock has also started to make cooking ware.  Perhaps these products also contain locking sealable tops?

Lock & Lock has also saved people’s lives!

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Mildly Funny Korean Jokes Part 11

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I’m grasping for straws at this point. If I can’t find or make up any more jokes this series will end.

In South Korea.. you can always find a party!
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