Mildly funny Korean Joke of the week part 12

Allright, it’s been a while, and these are becoming not weekly at all. Anyhow, here’s today’s joke.

Who is the most overweight Japanese person who ever lived?

Akamoko Tomoko 赤模糊 友子 
아까먹어 또먹어

Explanation for non-Korean speakers and those not familiar with Japanese names
Tomoko is a common Japanese female name. Akamoko isn’t a real Japanese surname at all, but is close enough to sound like one.

Akamoko Tomoko, 아까먹어 또먹어 (in romanization Akkameogeo, Ttomeogeo) means in Korean “ate a while ago, eating again”, and you can imagine anyone with a name like that would enjoy eating.

This girl isn’t overweight, but she can sure eat!

4 Responses to “Mildly funny Korean Joke of the week part 12”

  1. Hahaha!
    This girl has no limits while eating!!!

  2. LOL i want to try that……

  3. lol.. My wife Japanese friend’s name is Tomoko.. I will tell her about that..

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