Korean companies beat the competition today, but will this always be the case?

I found an article in the Korea Times that poses this very question.

The article has this to say about Samsung:

Samsung Electronics, now the planet’s biggest technology company ahead of Hewlett-Packard (HP), is the world’s largest maker of flat-screen televisions, memory chips and liquid crystal displays (LCDs), while trailing only Nokia as the No. 2 handset vendor.

It also mentions LG having similar success, being #3 in electronics behind Samsung and Sony.

The article however warns that Korean companies need to adapt to the future markets, and not rest on their laurels.

As we can remember, Sony in the 1990’s was pretty much a world standard when it came to personal audio devices, with it’s walkman, discman, and later minidisk, but failed to jump on the MP3 playr bandwagon fast enough. After Apple, a company not known for audio devices made the i-pod, Sony’s signature product, the walkman, disappeared.

Will something similar happen to Samsung and LG?

Another thing the article talks about is Apple envy, and how it appears that Samsung is making products similar to Apple’s products. We talked about this on this blog before, from the iPhone and it’s Samsung counterpart, the Galaxy-S phone, as well as the iPad, and it’s counterpart the Galaxy Tab.

The article’s author seems to think that the answer to this is to create better software platforms for the products in question, rather than going with google’s android. But I’m not really sure if that’s such a great idea.

I don’t think Korean companies really should have much to worry about, after all, no company will be apple other than apple. If they were smart, they’d try to negotiate some kind of deal with apple to be it’s manufacturer for the next series of i-phones. If not, then perhaps it would make more sense to focus on other emerging technologies, and just be happy with the market share Samsung already has in the smartphone market.

One thing that I would like to see Samsung develop is an affordable touchscreen monitor for desktop computers, a wall sized LCD TV that isn’t simply 9 smaller TVs, 3DTV that comes out of the TV rather than appearing like a window you are looking into, affordable solar power generators that can be hung on apartment balconies (or larger Solar Power plants), electric cars, and other useful things such as these.

If we’re talking about super future technology, then I want a self cleaning floor and cars that can somehow drive themselves without killing people.

Samsung and LG should start working on these kinds of things…


8 Responses to “Korean companies beat the competition today, but will this always be the case?”

  1. Yupe, The ceo of samsung did invest a lot of money for 성균관 to make more cs programs for their undergraduates. Samsung should expand its markets thou. They make everything in korea, apartments, credit cards, and cars. and yet they don’t sell those stuff in foreign countries …

  2. I think the author seems to be worried about the future too much. The competition is the destiny of companies in the business area. And Samsung and LG have been going through it. Also they have been preparing for the future to be better. But they need to be more vigilant and never be intoxicated with the present. In my humble opinion, the point of this article is “If they just rest on their laurels, they’ll make no progress.”.

  3. the dedicated software to make it worked for Bill Gates, but the same shall make its may not work twice…the manufacture or may focus on improving software and new technologies you mention is as feasible

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