Water damage? The whole inside of the phone is water!

Okay, this is only a concept phone, but since my phone got damaged a few weeks ago when I rode my motorbike home in a typhoon, it reminded me of this one.

I found it on

With iPhones being damaged by moisture, why not create a phone where water bubbles are the focal point of the design? Presumably that was the thinking behind Seoul designer Bon-Seop Ku‘s Aqua GUI concept phone.


2 Responses to “Aquaphone”

  1. would not be too bad a phone that is resistant to water, to where there is a certain appliances that already use this modalildad, such as digital cameras, laptops, good laptops if you are not being commercialized, but digital cameras if Promotional get to see, I think it was Sony or Panasonic.
    I recently purchased a new cell phone because mine died after being thrown down the toilet

  2. I also thought about this kind of phone when waterproof mp3 and mp4 have been released. Putting water as the main point of the design is way more interesting!

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