The train that never stops!

Okay, this is actually an idea that I thought of years ago. I’m sure that a lot of people have thought of it themselves. It’s a train that never needs to stop at stations. This particular one seems to have been designed by someone in China, but there’s no word on whether this will actually ever be made.

Now, there are problems with this design. One mechanical mess up and the carrier car could go flying, killing everyone inside. It will have to be perfected until there’s no chance of failure.

My design was slightly different, it had the carrier car on the actual rail, with ramps on the front and back of the train, and the rails running up the ramps onto the top of the train. The then faster train would come and scoop up the carrier car and it would lock into place.

What does this have to do with Korea?
Admittedly nothing, but I just thought the idea was so cool, and I could imagine this working on something like the KTX. As for subway rides, it seems like it’s not a good idea. I also think that Korean companies would be able to perfect this kind of thing right now, whereas Chinese companies would probably need a few more decades before they can even begin thinking about that. I could be wrong though.


10 Responses to “The train that never stops!”

  1. Wow, it looks kinda complicated to me O_o had to wacth the video twice hehe
    So, u get on this “small” train than then gets like stucked on the REAL moving train?… :O

  2. I think I’ve been on an amusement ride that does not stop, maybe at Chocolate world in Heshey, where you step out of the car onto a section of floor moving at the same speed as the car. and then have to step off of it, kind of like timing your step off an escalator.

  3. the truth, I’ve never gone on one such train, but if Korea can improve this service, so there’s no victims at the time of use, go ahead, but there will always be a risk, not everything is guaranteed

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Well, I think we are a long way off before this happens. At the moment, it’d just be more economically feasible to let the train stop.

  4. WoW! I’d really love to go on a train that never stops every 5 minutes!!!
    I’m far from being an engineer but I was thinking about how many people could get on a train like this, one ride at a time. How many carrier cars should be used for a train? Should they be as long as the train?

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Yea, that’s one of the designs I was thinking, because if there is only one carrier car, then what happens if many people want to get off and they can’t fit inside?

      • Yes, this is the problem. There must be enough place to allow people to get on and off without troubles. Maybe there should be different sizes of carrier cars: bigger for big cities and smaller carrier cars where there are less passengers.

  5. wow~ it is very interesting!
    i am surprised at repler and writer. hahaha
    i have not thought of never stopping object.
    hmm… i want permanent battery.
    What am i saying all of a sudden?

  6. Today, while I was on a train I thought about this article again and suddenly I imagined to be on a “never-stopping train”. My imagination became a nightmare! How should the train with carrier cars pass over bridges and into tunnels? any idea?

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