Galaxy Tab!

The Galaxy Tab, next to the Samsung's other Apple-challenging Galaxy-S phone.

Via gizmodo.

Okay, so there’s been a lot of hype about Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab, which people have been comparing to the i-pad made by apple.

Just as the Galaxy-S phone was seen as a direct competitor to the i-phone, the Galaxy Tab is a direct competitor of the i-pad.

As I don’t have either one of them, I’m not qualified to make any kind of comparison between the two products, but I can tell you that Samsung knows that the i-pad is popular, and therefore needs to somehow make its product better. The one thing I do know is that Galaxy Tab can use flash, but the ipad can’t.

Android OS based gadgets seem to be gaining prominence, and in some markets where the i-pad isn’t even released, this Galaxy-Tab could take a market share.

Here’s a link to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab website.

Do I want one? YES!

Here’s a comparison with the i-pad:



7 Responses to “Galaxy Tab!”

  1. I heard the price wasn’t announced yet. Well, thats what I heard from brief surfing in the internet lool emmm the most heated debates among the internet user is whether or not samsung imitated apple. But, if samsung did try to imitate apple, I think they did a pretty decent job ㅡㅡ… I mean the tech specs are better

  2. I really really want one of those n_n
    I don’t think they are trying to “imitate” but it’s just how competition is now a days… I sometimes feel that people just gets an iPhone bcs of the brand..same goes with the tablet… O_o

    • Yeah, competition nowadays is a big problem especially in the tech branch. Companies are always working and inventing new items in order to reach a higher level of quality and when a brand new item is released it’s the start of another competition.
      In my opinion, this is how the modern natural selection and the theory of “Survival of the fittest” work.

  3. have not got an I-pad, much less a tab Galaxy, that in fact not even being for sale in Mexico, just get the I-pad.
    is it bad to live in a country in pre development, where the new technology takes years to come, but seeing the videos, Galaxy-tab could exceed the I-pad
    Leer fonéticamente
    Diccionario – Ver diccionario detallado

  4. I have an iPhone and I’ve seen several times people using an iPad and there’s no big difference between the two.
    As I’ve seen in the official videos by Samsung, the Galaxy Tab has been designed mainly for work and business and then for fun. iPad is the other way round.
    As we can see the iPad is a lot bigger than the Galaxy Tab and the former has a LED screen and the latter an LCD one.×495-382×450.jpg
    In my opinion the iPad is too big to be easily used everywhere.
    Samsung has been the first company to use an OLED screen on a mobile phone SGH-E700. Why it didn’t use an OLED screen on the Galaxy Tab too?
    Anyway, the fact that flash can be used is great!

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