Korean Encryption Technology Set as Global Standard

Via Choson Ilbo

Korea’s encryption technology is now world standard according to an article on the Choson Ilbo webpage.

I thought about this before actually reading the article, and it actually makes sense. I remember earlier complaining about the high level of security that is needed to operate the internet in Korea. Given that people must volunteer such highly valuable secret information just to play games online, it would make sense that encryption is a must!

Then I read the article.

Block-encryptions are mostly used in lightweight mobile devices and convert plaintext messages into ciphertext that such devices can understand.

Okay so this basically enables text messages to be sent to certain mobile devices, not necessarily making the information therein secret. It’s still an interesting article though!


4 Responses to “Korean Encryption Technology Set as Global Standard”

  1. Therefore, if this method ensures greater security in text messages on, and that insecurity, it is getting bigger, and if that method comes into operation in Korea, and then may be, using it in the rest of the world best

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  3. Palladin9479 Says:

    Standard of what type of encryption technology? Cryptography is a pretty wide field and depends on what the goal is.

    For strict difficulty to crack / decode / interrupt then the US has the best. Of course because US Federal law makes strong cryptography a weapons system its export is restricted. The US companies that develop this stuff market it exclusively to the US government and thus its never seen on the global market.

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