High Tech…. tupperware?

So, what do you do when you live alone, but don’t want to go shopping everyday because you work, and that would be too tiring?
Why is that a problem?

Stuff you buy on Saturday isn’t fresh on Thursday. And even if it was, you wouldn’t be able to eat it fast enough after you opened it because you are only one person.

I have this problem with bread. Lately I’ve been freezing bread so that it doesn’t get all moldy before I eat it all. Such is the life of the single man who lives alone. I can only wonder what would happen if suddenly I had no power and all the food in my refigerator were to spoil. Would anything at all be salvageable?

Well, with this high tech Korean product, called Lock&Lock, it probably would!

Lock & Lock is high tech tupperware.

What’s high tech about tupperware? It’s just a plastic container that you seal shut.

Yes, that’s true, that is all it is, but, Lock & Lock is able to make a tighter seal, so that relatively few food harming bacterium make their way into your food.

The seal is thanks to the flexable rubber surrounding the lid of lock and lock, which, when wedged into the container, is really tight.  On top of that, each lid has 4 locking tabs, that ensure that the lid won’t come off by itself.  The result is that if you should put a piece of bread in there, put the container at the bottom of the bathtub for 2 days underwater, then pull it out and it would still be totally dry. (You’d also be smelly from not taking a bath for two days. Eww!)

Lock & Lock has also started to make cooking ware.  Perhaps these products also contain locking sealable tops?

Lock & Lock has also saved people’s lives!


11 Responses to “High Tech…. tupperware?”

  1. Wow, I had no Idea those were Korean (you can see that I don’t know where many things are from :S lol) , My ex-supervisor at work has like 30 of those O_o every time we have lunch together he comes with 20 of those and plenty of food…food I wouldn’t bring to work because it would spill…. like soup or a stew hehe

  2. lol my mom uses a lot of those. The bad thing is that if you put ban chan in there, you get lazy to put them in prettier dishes when you eat so eventually your table is full of plastic Lock & Lock

  3. arleumlady Says:

    upsssss.. I’m using tupperwares made by IKEA as I couldn’t bring lock&lock from Korea to Finland. What I’m using now is not to be compared with Lock&Lock in that it’s difficult to lock easily, need to be a power woman all the time 😦 I’m not sure if I can find them here, maybe somewhere!

  4. There are (I don’t know how to call them exactly) vacuum tupperwares but when you have a lot of food to preserve it takes you a lot of time to use them.
    A lot of brands produce tupperwares like lock&lock but they aren’t perfect because the air always gets in.
    I remember to have seen lock&lock tupperwares in Prosecutor Princess’ drama! The actress opens the refrigerators and… voilà! Lock&Lock tupperwares here and there 😀
    Here is a scene of the drama with a tupperware like the ones I see in the photos you’ve posted:

    and here another:

    The jug looks identic to this one:
    http://www.lawsonshop.co.uk/prodimages/7921039.jpg 😀

  5. This post was very familiar, so I was more interested. Lock&Lock is so convenient. For example, when I use a microwave oven, it is very useful. So I use Lock&Lock very often.

  6. and this market New technology is d-only event in Korea and also in the rest of the world, bought pro I want one that tupperware containers that are in my house and need to be renplazados new ones

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