BMW? More like KMW!

I'm not so sure what this picture is supposed to feature. The phone? The other phone? The other other phone? The girl? The car? One thing is for sure, the picture is DEFINITELY Korean.

What’s KMW?
Well in German, BMW is “Bayerische Motoren Werke” (Bavarian Motor Works). But as we all know, in today’s unapologetically capitalistic globalized world, cars you would expect to be made in certain countries are actually made in others, with parts coming from a wide variety of other places other than the original country of the company.
Take for instance my mother’s 2nd car, which she got in the 1990’s. It was a Dodge Colt. Dodge being a brand of the Chrysler family of cars, you’d expect that the Dodge Colt was made in the U.S. However, the key that came with the car was clearly labeled as “Mitsubishi”. This is because the car was actually a clone of the Mitsubishi Mirage, and through some deal that Dodge and Mitsubishi had, was sold under the Dodge brand. So, given that it was really a Mitsubishi, it should have been made in Japan right? Wrong, it was outsourced by Mitsubishi to Daewoo, which at the time was one of Korea’s leading car manufacturers. So, my mom’s “American” car was in fact Korean by way of Japan. And that’s just talking about where it was assembled! No doubt the parts came from all over the place! I learned this later when I bought my good ol’ Honda Civic in the late 1990’s. It was made in Ohio, with a lot of parts made in Mexico, with Japanese design. Man I miss that car. Sigh..
But still! KMW?!?!?!??!

Ah yes. Right. You see, BMWs are actually made with a lot of parts coming from Korean companies. Twelve companies exactly. Starting in 2013, for example, all of BMW’s brakes will be made by Mando, a Korean auto parts maker. In a press conference, a BMW representative said that dealing with Korean parts companies is good business because the exchange rate is favorable, and because of the high quality and precision of the parts that are made by the Korean companies. In addition, BMWs are selling well in the Korean market, which receives discounts due to the variety of parts being made in Korea.

Oh okay.. Well, the K would be for Korea. 12 Korean companies supply various parts of the BMW.
But, most of it isn’t made in Korea.
You’re right, but if you think about it, there are at least 12 (most likely more) parts of the car that are made in Korea. There are probably other parts made in other places other than Germany. And as we all know, in large markets outside of Europe, it is to BMW’s advantage to manufacture their cars domestically. So, once again it’s going to be possible to have an German car made of Korean parts in America.



10 Responses to “BMW? More like KMW!”

  1. I had a Dodge Colt. Loved that car. Hard to find good hatchbacks. Went back to Dodge when that one finally died after about 10 years, but they no longer sold them. Does Korea make any hatchback models?

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Yes, the most popular one at the moment is the Kia Morning.

      I’m curious as to why you didn’t go out and try to buy a Mitsubishi Mirage, given that that car is still in production.

      At any rate, I had a Honda Civic back in the day, and it was a great car. I think they made that in hatchback also.

  2. BMW’s most weakness things are lots of part trouble, however the problems will be gone because of reliable korean auto parts. It is very good news~~

  3. I didn’t know this….. I only knew some parts of the cars were (are) made in Mexico, because of this cars should be cheaper in Mexico o.O

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  5. arleumlady Says:

    We can see the world even in only one car! This is real global products.

    Korea cannot become one of the best car-producing country “in one night”. it’s based on its great experience in automotive industry for a long time as we can see this case 😉

  6. We’re speaking again about Koreans’ precision 😀
    In this case it’s Germany that buys car parts from Korea but in the case of the well known Korean brand SsangYong, it is Korea that buys motors from the German: Mercedes.

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  8. Great post, I read your post.
    Porsche is surely a dream car of many people. It is one of the most luxurious cars in the market.

  9. autos usados en miami florida…

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