SS gets a new LG cell phone!

This is pretty much the conditions that I drove home in. No, that's not me, and no, that's not in Seoul, but the picture gives you an idea of how things were.

On Friday of last week, I drove my motorbike to work. My workplace is south of the Han river, and my home is north of the Han. After a long day of work, I decided to take the motorbike home as well. The sky was a bit cloudy but there wasn’t any rain out yet. I thought since usually it only takes me 30 minutes on the bike to get from point A to point B, that this wouldn’t be a problem.

Seoul is an interesting city in that there is a river bisecting it. Often rivers can act as pressure boundaries for weather systems. Sure, all was dry in Gangnam (Gangnam means south of the river) but once I got on the bridge, headed towards Gangbuk (Gangbuk means north of the river), the torrential rains came pouring down.

I’m a man, I can take a little driving in the rain with no raincoat. A little water never bothered me. But this was, decidedly, not simply a little water. It was a huge thunderstorm, complete with idiots who can’t drive in the rain, flood like conditions, and inside out umbrellas.

Goodbye dear friend...

I made it home just fine. But needless to say, I had to peel my clothes off of me because they were so wet. Unfortunately my dinosaur cellular phone was in my pocket and my digital camera was in my backpack. The old cell phone was ruined. I heard that there’s this method where you take off the battery pack and dry it in rice. Usually this is what they suggest if you drop the cellular phone in the toilet and quickly fish it out or something. Mine was immersed in water for longer than 15 minutes.

The next day when I tried my phone out, it started flickering on and off with scrambled graphics. It kept saying I was getting missed calls every 2 seconds from someone who I know doesn’t live in Korea anymore. Then it went blank….. TOTALLY BLANK. The entirety of the directory of phone numbers that I had accumulated since August of 2006 was lost and gone forever.

At the suggestion of a friend who I had been chatting with, going to the LG after service center seemed like my best option.  So off I went.  When I got there they said that there was nothing to worry about, and my directory of phone numbers was indeed alive and well, since the directory is stored now on a waterproof chip inside the phone.  I breathed a sigh of relief.

Then the worker opened the battery pack and stopped smiling.  “Where’s the chip?” he asked.  He called a manager over.  The manager took a quick look at the phone and said “The chip was introduced in late 2008, this cell phone is a mid 2008 model, and doesn’t have it, but don’t worry, we should be able to get the numbers out somehow.”

Meanwhile, they concluded that the phone was fried, and my best option would be to simply get a new one.  They showed me which ones I could get for free, provided  I agree to a one year contract extension.  Mind you, these weren’t the awesome Galaxy-S or other I-phone wannabe type, but I’m cheap, so I decided to go with this phone.

No, the girls and ice cream don't come with it. I don't have my digital camera, so this was the only picture I could find. My phone is light blue.

It’s definitely an upgrade over my last phone, but not so much so.  There’s no touch screen, but the phone allows video calls.  Instead of a slider, it opens up.  There’s some kind of photo luminescent plastic on the front through which the time is visible when it is closed.  It also has DMB service that works a lot better than my other phone did.

Am I excited about this phone?  Well, no, it’s pretty standard.  If it were 1999 then I’d be amazed by it, but it’s nothing special.  I was just glad to be connected with the world again…. or so I thought…

The employees at the store informed me that my phone was beyond repair to the point that there was no way they would be able to retrieve my phone directory.  So, since I have only one number memorized, I have to wait for every one of my friends, family, and other acquaintances to call me, then I have to ask who they are.  It’s downright embarrassing.


3 Responses to “SS gets a new LG cell phone!”

  1. O_o I had never seen this post before…
    I got a new phone 2 months ago and could not retrieve my numbers since I changed phone companies…. and I hate doing it manually,,,I still don’t have all my contacts saved…. lol

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