Screen Golf! Golfzon leads the way.

Tee up!

It seems like Koreans really really like golf.  I’ve already done two articles on Y.E. Yang, and I’ve also written about chopsticks, and how some believe that Korean use of metal chopsticks is responsible for the success of Korean golfers (though I myself don’t believe that.)  So, in a golf crazy nation such as this one, (to put it in perspective, on cable there are three golf channels, one more than Starcraft), it’s only natural that Korea would lead in the area of golf simulation.

I’ve seen golf simulators before in the U.S., but had never played them.  I guess the idea is that you hit a ball past some sensors which calculate the angle, speed, and trajectory of the ball.  This translates onto the screen and shows where your ball landed.

Golfzon‘s simulator takes that to the next level with a high definition screen, a tilting plate that matches the terrain where the ball stands, and it also calculates the spin on the ball. It’s like actually being on the golf course, only it’s probably not as hot (or cold) as the real golf course, and you don’t need to walk as much. You can also play on actual golf courses using the Golfzon simulator. To check it out in more detail, click here!

I think in the future we will see this technology go 3D, and then after that holograms. Much much later in the future I bet there will be golf VR like on the Star Trek holodeck, but maybe I am getting too far ahead of myself.


11 Responses to “Screen Golf! Golfzon leads the way.”

  1. I’m not fan of golf… but I would play it if it was something with cars lol
    those kind of “games” are perfect for people like me that moves with the game… all my friends think the Wii is perfect for me… lol

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I think that car simulators are kind of silly because you know there’s no chance you will die if you crash, and it doesn’t feel real at all. Golf simulation is probably as real as golf can be without actually going to the golf course. It uses a real ball and club.

  2. If the 3D technology is actualized, we don’t need to go to golf courses. We’ll be able to play golf in front of the monitor. Then we don’t need to destroy nature to make golf courses. In the near future I think the real golf will be grafted onto 3D technologies. As a result, golf won’t be called a “noble sport” any more at least in Korea.

  3. I love golf lol but, more because I like the environmental surrounding … I saw the golf simulator in Korea. It was fairly cheap. Actually really cheap compared to the real thing. I didn’t play thou, I thought it wouldn’t be great as the real thing lol Maybe I should try it later with my dad

    • I think so..

      That’s definately awesome technology, but I would not that prefer screen golf if I play golf. For those who want to enjoy golf itself, that’s good way, but not for people who want to enjoy golf and also the environmental surrounding!

      Anyhow, I expect it to be one of popular games 🙂 Because It’s cheaper than real golf and more active than other screen game or video game!

  4. The reason why Korean people keen on golf is that it regards as a luxury sport. If golf was just
    a public sport such as badminton in Korea, probably they don’t indulge golf like that. Anyway, the screen golf system is terrific!

    • Mmm… I don’t think it’s just because of luxury otherwise golf players wouldn’t spend so much time practicing and improving their technics and precision.

  5. I’m not a golf nor mini-golf lover because I prefer sports like volley-ball or swimming…
    Everyday I go to university by train and I always see a huuuuge golf field near Milan where I can see people playing even at 7 o’clock in the morning and golf carts moving here and there. Every time I see it I ask myself: Wouldn’t it be better to let those biiig green areas to picnics trips where children can play far from city noises and pollution?
    That’s why I’m a supporter of Golfzon but I think that golf players and lovers would never agree with me. 😀

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