Romanson Watches. A Korean made luxury.

A Korean watch that's Swiss made.

In an earlier article about chopsticks, I berated a commenter on her idea about Koreans having exceptional skill in precision based industries because of Korean use of metal chopsticks.  One example I used was to point out that the Swiss don’t use chopsticks and lead the world in clock and watch making.  “Where are the Korean watchmakers?”  I asked?  Well it turns out, I was wrong.  There is a major Korean watchmaker, Romanson.  It appears Romanson has mastered an exact kind of advanced technology in watchmaking.  This includes a watch with a “cuting glass watch with a surface that has been carved in a diamond shape,” according to Romanson’s website.

The company was founded in 1988, and began manufacturing watches with Swiss movement in the 1990’s.  Most of Romanson’s watches are manufactured in Korea with Swiss movement, except the Premier class, which is manufactured in Switzerland.  Here’s some more info about the company and its products from someone else’s blog.

Among the more notable accomplishments of the company include designing a unification watch for Korea’s leaders, and designing a watch for specific use by Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General.

The last watch that I actually used was a Timex Indiglo that cost less thta $50, because I’ve never been into luxury items.  I think that even if I was stupid rich, I’d still live frugally, because I don’t believe in showing off my wealth to everyone on my wrist, in my clothing, or with the car I drive.  But that’s just me.  Recently I don’t wear a watch because I look at my cellular phone to find what time it is.

As far as the chopsticks = dexterity debate goes, I’m not changing my mind.  I don’t see any correlation between metal chopstick use and precision based activities, but the idea is quite popular both in and outside of Korea.


17 Responses to “Romanson Watches. A Korean made luxury.”

  1. Nice watch!!! …
    Im like you,,I check for the time on my phone,,,last time I wore a watch it was a Barbie watch when I was about 8 years old lol.
    I’ve noticed more and more people are not wearing watches anymore….maybe it’s also because of the cellphone… I also dont use one because it’s anoying while im working with the computer :S (I use it ALOT!!)

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Yeah, I think the watch is now no more than a fashion accessory, as we can now learn the time from cell phones, computers, and even the screens on the subway or bus or on certain buildings.

      • I agree! Now watches are like bracelets. I remember that there has been a period when ring watches were very fashion…
        Is there an item that people consider very fashion in Korea now? such as cellphone’s pendants?

  2. My first watch was CASIO, Japanese brand, when I was middles school student. And now, I have a watch made in Swiss on my wrist. I did not know that Korean company make the such a gorgeous watch till now. I’m thingking about If my watch is gone, I will get the Romanson watch thanks to your posting.

  3. So, those are the korean watchmakers? I remember very well that comment! hahaha!
    They are very beautiful but I agree with you. I don’t like showing off that I have an expensive watch because I’m rich -_-” and I also prefer seeing what time it is on my phone or looking at the position of the sun during the day.
    Anyway, it’s a great design as I saw on their website and it resembles somehow to rolex.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Looking at the position of the sun? Wow, are you a robot that you can know the exact time by that?

      • Not exactly obviously. There are certain situations when I don’t need to know the exact time or can’t use any item that shows the time such as when I am at sea (I can’t look at the phone nor I wear watches or jewelry when I’m swimming…) or when I am taking photographs here and there… Well, yeah on the cameras the time is shown but I should enable the photo function to see it and maybe lose a good shot and… I prefer looking at the sky so that “I don’t lose time” hahaha 😀
        Of course, just when I have free time (and it happens just on summer 🙂 )!

  4. We made watches? haha This is something that is completely new to me. However, I’m not going to buy any watches =S They look nice but I can always get the cheap ones ㅡㅡ… and I don’t wear watches. I feel trapped with a watch on =S

  5. What a wonderful !!!
    I didn’t know the Romanson is Korean yet.
    I really like that watch’s design.
    But Could they make some cheap one also ??T.T
    I hope…

  6. Swiss is complimented for their assembly of accomplished watches above the world. Due to the abundant reputation, the Swiss watches Replica are anon afflicted and able-bodied accustomed by abounding humans because they action humans a acceptable befalling to adore the aforementioned affluence at payable rates. Replica Wrist Watches ,such as the Omega Watches,can strengthen your chichi attending as able-bodied as alive as a attribute of amusing cachet and claimed taste and as the Swiss Watch movement.

  7. Wow! I’m very proud of Romanson.
    I think that much of technoloy was developed and will be invented in Korea!
    I’d like to buy this luxury watch…..

  8. Hm.. I used to have a watch, but not anymore…! I always have to correct the time whenever I travel to another city. That’s why I prefer a roaming phone to a watch..

    but I’ll buy a watch soon (not Romanson, that’s so expensive!), because I feel something missing on my left wrist.. I think I need it for no reason XD

  9. Nguyen Thi Hong Ha Says:

    I want to buy a ROMANSON WATCH for my husband.
    I am a foreigner, so I don’t know where to buy it.
    I want to buy offline (not online).
    Could you show me the nearest retailer where I can buy it.
    Currently, I am studying at the Seoul National University
    Best regard,
    Hong Ha

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