Want to win $12,000?

I was searching around and I found this really neat contest. It’s called the Advanced Technology Korea Video Contest. You have to make a video showing off Korea’s technology. I’m pretty saavy with videos so I’m going to try to win $12,000. (I really need it right now too.) If my video isn’t the best, I’ll probably still be able to win 2nd, 3rd or finalist prize. (20 Finalist prizes @1000 USD each!).

Wait, why am I telling you about it? I shouldn’t help the competition!

Here’s an example video that shows what kind of stuff they are looking for. It’s pretty cool that my blog actually appeared in the example video!



10 Responses to “Want to win $12,000?”

  1. lol the examples just killed my idea of a video competition XD no wonder they are giving away $12,000

  2. what a funny video XD I thought at first that the black paper would a kind of newpaper!, but it’s turned out to be a very high tech computer!!!!! lol

  3. OMG !! So cool your site is on the Video!…
    I Wish I were good @ making videos lol

  4. 하하하!
    It’s great! Your website is on the back! Congrats SS ^.^
    It’s an intersting competition… if only I was good at making videos -_-“

  5. AWWWW! So cute the video “Help for Dad”!!

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