Visiting Busan Aquarium

One of the things I was most eager to see before my trip to Busan was the Busan Aquarium.  I come from Mayland, and in Baltimore, we’ve got one of the best aquariums in the world.  So why on earth would I want to see an aquarium in Korea, expecially when Coex Aquarium in Seoul is nothing compared to Baltimore’s?

Well before the Busan trip, I was looking at several travel websites, and Busan Aquarium got raving reviews.  Many of the reviewers were Japanese, and Okinawa also has an awesome aquarium, much better than Baltimore’s.  “If they like it, it must be good,” I thought.

Well, I must say that Okinawa’s aquarium was better, but I guess Japanese people who write reviews on travel websites about Korea don’t frequent Okinawa that often.

One thing that makes this aquarium amazing though is it is the only aquarium that I have ever been to that lets visitors scuba dive in the aquarium with sharks!  Check out the video to see some of the cool things I saw at the aquarium.
One of the cool things about having an aquarium right on the beach is that you can use sea water with minimal impact on the environment.  In other aquariums they must use regular water and chemicals to convert it into livable sea water, or truck it in from the sea.  The Busan Aquarium takes advantage of its location next to Haeundae beach to use actual fresh sea water.  Certainly it goes through processing plants within the aquarium itself, but this still minimizes the impact.

While I don’t think it’s better than Okinawa or even Baltimore, I thought it’s definitely the best aquarium in Korea itself, and the scuba diving with sharks is a nice touch that sets it apart.

Longest in Asia!

Did you scuba dive with sharks?

What, do I look CRAZY to you?  Haha, actually the sharks in the aquarium are fed on a regular basis, and are probably trained not to eat humans in wet suits.  I didn’t get to do any scuba diving, because it was a bit too expensive for me.  I did however ride in a boat with a glass window in its bottom.  We were able to see the sharks from the top.

Another cool thing about the Busan Aquarium is that it boasts the longest glass tunnel in all of Asia.  It’s pretty amazing to see fish swimming on both sides and above you.  And it’s quite long.

The Aquarium in Busan is really cool and I think that if you like looking at fish, as something other than food, then you might enjoy it.  I bet there are a lot of fish that would be really tasty in there.  Speaking of eating fish, I think my next Busan article will be about eating raw fish, also known as “hwae”.  Korea is well known for having great hwae.

But isn’t raw fish, or sushi, a Japanese thing?

That’s a fair question.  All over the world, it’s the Japanese who are known for eating raw fish.  Sushi is however not necessarily raw fish.  The word “sushi” literally means vinegared rice, therefore the rice is the focus.  In the west we focus on the raw fish.  That by itself is simply sashimi…. or hwae in Korean.  And fish has probably been eaten raw in many cultures long before either Korea or Japan existed.



15 Responses to “Visiting Busan Aquarium”

  1. lim hyung sun Says:

    hmmm… scuba diving with sharks… sounds very exciting and attractive.. (though i would prefer to swim with cute dolphines)

  2. I guess if I were a fish, I would prefer to live in Busan =D Well, hopefully I’ll be in the aquarium and not the hwae restaurant!

  3. Did you scuba dive in the aquarium with shark? Wasn’t it dangerous? It seems to be very exciting but looks like kind of unsafety. I think the sharks have been trained, haven’t it?

  4. This aquarium reminds me the Aquarium of Veracruz in Mexico (, I haven been in an aquarium in YEARS… :$ and remember the feeling of being amazed by all the colorfull fishes haha

  5. Since I was little I love going to aquariums!
    In Italy there’s the second biggest aquarium of Europe (the first is the one in Barcelona) but it doesn’t have the tunnel where you can see sharks swimming over your head. In my opinion, it is a MUST feature! 😀
    It’s amazing that in Busan we can also swim with sharks!! But I think the most beautiful thing is to see animals in liberty as when I saw 2 turtles in the sea while I was on a ship… It was impressive 🙂

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Yes. I enjoy to see animals in the wild, but usually the only thing I can see are ducks in the park and things like that. That’s because all the other animals are usually so far away.

      • I just went to Oaxaca, Mexico on vacations and got to see goats, cows, horses aaaaaaand I think that was it :O
        but in Mexico City the most you can see are abandoned dogs and cats 😦

        • The Seoul Searcher Says:

          Lots of those in Korea…

        • ! In Italy abandoned dogs and cats are forbidden and you rarely find them.

          • It’s should also be forbiden in Mexico to leave dogs/cats in the streets, but people don’t really care about it…. I know the owner of a dogs shellter and everytime she organizes collects and I go see her she tells me this really sad stories 😦
            But I also admire her because she has dedicated her life to help all kind of animals…. ^.^

      • hahaha! Same to me! Living on the Como’s Lake and I just can see pigeons, ducks, swans and ugly fishes! 😀

  6. I want to go there~!
    what a nice aquarium!
    Busan is near my hometown, so I will go there if I have free time.

  7. Greatings, Nombre de a GoogleReader!


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