Art that cools your house!

Who knew that Monet could be so cool? (rimshot!)

LG’s LG-H1260F2L0 model air conditioner looks like a painting but cools you in the summer months.  I found information about this cool idea on this webpage.

This one might trick your guests in the living room as it has the appearance of a beautiful painting. This 1-ton air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 11500 BTU/Hr and has a rotary compressor. Other features include timer settings, Neo plasma filters, soft dry operations, auto clean functions, auto air swing, jet cool and chaos air flow logic. This too has an LCD remote control with an advanced LED display panel (secret behind the super looks!

It certainly is a great idea, and shows that you can keep style in your house a priority yet still use necessary appliances.

I think you can put whatever picture you want in there, and many Korean houses have a huge picture of the family in their living rooms, so it looks like it’d be a perfect fit in Korean homes.



19 Responses to “Art that cools your house!”

  1. I Just read about this yesterday on FB :O
    If I had a big house I would like to get this, but since my apartment is so tiny and air conditioner is not so popular (by popular I mean cheap…) I don’t think I’ll be getting my hands on one of these soon 😦

  2. What a gorgeous appliance!!! Nobody can sense the art is electronic appliance without notice. I wanna buy it for my home upgrade~

  3. Lol Pretty creative but, it would have been more interesting if the photo was electronic so it changes depending on room temperature.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      That’d be interesting. Digital photo frame/air conditioner. That’ll probably come next!

      • Yeah, It should come out really soon since the technology is already there lol Probably the only disadvantage of having a digital photo air conditioner would be the cost of electricity =S

    • Wow, nice idea!
      If it’s developed, I’m going to buy it right away 🙂

    • It would be amazing to have an air conditioner which also makes Chromotherapy and Aromatherapy, no?

      • The Seoul Searcher Says:

        Now that would be neat. But I would guess it would need cleaning regularly. The Air conditioner’s condenser could ruin the aroma, no?

        • mmm… good question! haha!
          I think there’s a practical solution for this problem… There should be a little part of the air conditioner (in the front side) where you could insert the aromas you want (in little phials) so that the aroma would be sprinkled exactly when the air is coming out from the air conditioner. In that case the condenser couldn’t ruin the aroma…
          Well… this is a poor opinion LOL
          any other idea??

          • The Seoul Searcher Says:

            Hmm, that’s decidedly a feature that women would want. I don’t care what it smells like as long as I’m not a sweaty pig. Well, then again, I don’t want a poo smell everywhere, haha!

  4. This is a very good design idea! Your home is fresh without losing beauty.
    Korea is maybe the first air conditioners productor, am I wrong?
    I can see lot of samsung and LG air conditioners everywhere in the streets!

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Well, the first air conditioner was made in New York in 1902. (I don’t know that from my head, I looked on wikipedia)

      Korea is the first to make Ondol, however, which the rest of the world thinks is an American invention called radiant heating.

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