Nurimaru APEC House

Great Design, Important Venue

(Edit: I’ve added a video and some more pictures)

The Nurimaru APEC House

When I was around the Haeundae area in Busan I decided to check out the Nurimaru APEC House. This is a building that was made specifically for the 2005 APEC meeting. It’s design is roughly circle shaped, and it takes advantage of Busan’s scenic seaside. I’ve attached some pictures of it and some videos will follow.

The APEC house is in the middle of the forest overlooking the seaside.

One particular thing that I liked about it is that it was situated in the middle of a park, on its own island. It is very close to the Westin Chosun Beach Hotel, which many consider to be the best Hotel in all of Korea. I really wish I could have stayed there, so that you could all see the fantastic and breath taking beach view from the hotel.

APEC is the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and most major countries that touch the Pacific Ocean or are in Asia are a part of it. It serves the purpose of enhancing economic cooperation between Pacific rim countries. The major players besides Korea include Japan, China, the United States, Australia, Russia, Canada and Mexico. It could be said that the near future of the world economy is in APEC.

Once inside the house you can see various exhibits, such as the Korean traditional clothes that all the heads of state wore, a scale model of the whole island, and some pictures celebrating Busan’s dynamism.  One that I thought was particularly interesting was this picture of future Busan.  It looks impressive, but I’m not sure if it would be necessary.

The twin towers of Busan?

I’m not sure if pictures alone can do justice to the beauty of this building and the surrounding area, so I made a video.  Enjoy!!!!



10 Responses to “Nurimaru APEC House”

  1. I heard that China just surpassed Japan as number 2 largest world economy.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Well that depends on if you are going by standard of living for the average person or if you are talking about the amount of money the whole country makes.

      • I agree with TSS since the living standard of China is really low. The GDP is high cause there are few minorities with extravagant wealth 😦 which is quite contradictory to their ideology

  2. I’ve been there when I went on a trip to Busan. There is a walk so we can see the view. I could enjoy the beautiful sight to the full. It reminds me of my last trip. I truly recommend Busan for someone who haven’t been there yet.

  3. That design of Nurimaru APEC House is becoming of surroundings in my opinion!

    Oh, but why could it be said that the near future of the world economy is in APEC? I’d like to know more!
    I guess that would be right, just because I think those countries are getting stronger thesedays! APEC might influence that…. maybe?

    • Well nations in APEC are growing economics but I guess the future of the world economy is in APEC since these countries will have greater growth in GDP, standard of living and etc since APEC would encourage free trade. Members of APEC might grow faster than other countries without the free trade

  4. Thank you for writing about Nurimaru. I’ve never been to there but I m proud of that cause I was born and lived over 20 years in Busan..

  5. The more I look at this building, the more I think about the new auditorium Niemeyer in Ravello, Italy.
    Here is a photo
    They look different but they’re both built in front of the sea and their shapes are circular.
    It’s just my opinion but I can feel that there’s just one concept for both of them: being in front of an eye-endless sea to stimulate our minds (for APEC) and feelings (for the auditorium).

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