Y.E. Yang hosts PGA dinner – Korean cuisine on menu!

Y.E. Yang and his wife enjoy the Champions Dinner

(Edit:  Some pictures added after the fact.)

Every year around this time, since 1952,  PGA champions gather together to eat dinner. The champion of the previous year is selected to host, and he chooses the menu that everyone will eat. In an interesting piece of news, Y.E. Yang, the golfer from Jeju has been chosen as the host, and he is going to serve Korean food to his fellow champions. The mental image of Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, and Phil Mickelson flawlessly using chopsticks comes to mind. (Afterall, if Koreans are good at golf because of chopsticks, wouldn’t PGA champions be expert chopsticks users?).
So what’s on the menu?
Well since we all know golfers are all high class gentlemen and use money for toilet paper, something tells me that the food these champions are going to eat won’t be coming from 김밥천국 (Kimbab heaven, a Korean food chain.)

The meal will come in four courses.

A team of four Korean chefs led by Mr. Park Hyo-Nam, executive chef at the Millennium Hilton Seoul, will fly to Chicago to help their peers in the American Club to prepare the feast of Korean food.

For the appetizer, crepe purses stuffed with vegetables, brochettes of beef and green onions, shrimp and cucumbers in pine nuts and pear sauce, and some Korean dried snacks will be served.

The first dish will be jap-chae, a stir fried glass noodle dish with thinly-sliced vegetables, followed by assorted jeon (mini pancakes), made of halibut, mushrooms and zucchini.

The main course is bulgogi, Korean barbecued beef. The sauces in which it has been marinated as well as the vegetables and sauces it is eaten with make it very distinctive.

Last but not least, steamed rice, and clam soup with spinach will be served alongside banchan (small side dishes).

It sounds like the PGA champions are going to get an exposure to high class Korean food, and this might actually improve the image of Korean food amongst champion golfers in the world.

Yang posing with PGA trophy


17 Responses to “Y.E. Yang hosts PGA dinner – Korean cuisine on menu!”

  1. lim.hyung.sun Says:

    hhm… I didn’t know Korean food looks like that -_-… … it’s a great thing that the world’s renowned people get a chance to taste our traditional food but hope the chefs don’t sacrifice the originality of the dishes for mere good looks.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Agreed, but I think when the wealthy are involved, presentation is more important than originality or taste.

  2. I am all for western style plate presentation using authentic Korean food.

  3. OMG!! Love the presentation it looks great and delicious.
    It’s good to show people around the world how good this food can be.

  4. It looks nice but, I wouldn’t have recognized that it was Korean food haha well it still looks good!

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I agree!

    • I do agree with you. It is just my opinion, but, most of Japanese restaurants show off there traditional looking and dishes. So the person whoever from everywhere can reconize if it is japanese as soon as they see. But.. unfourtunately, some of famous or expensive korean restaurants just seem to prefer displaying them as Western food..

  5. yeah it looks more gorgeous.
    I think these korean foods are just typical korean foods that we can eat at home. Just those pictures are decorated for special guests. Anyway it looks so delicious. 😛

  6. Korean food? That looks more Japanese. Artistic presentation. Korean food in my experience is more piled high and sumptuous, but maybe I have not experienced the “high class” dining you referred to.

  7. I wonder how the champion golfers said! Did they like the food? 🙂 Hope them to suit their taste^^

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I wonder also. Especially since previous hosts like Tiger Woods had hamburgers and milkshakes when they hosted.

  8. SavedByTechnology Says:

    I’ve had a LOT of bulgogi in my two years in Korea, and while it’s my favorite dish, it NEVER looked like THAT. And where’s the kimchi???

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      That’s an excellent question. Did they remove kimchi because most of the champions are “foreigners”?

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