Mmm.. water…

Don't drink it!!!

Chlorine is poiiison!!!
Actually they don’t use chlorine in Korean tap water. Even though the city government has been assuring people that Seoul’s tap water is safe to drink, Koreans seem to think the idea of drinking tap water is horrific!  I grew up in America and was pretty much raised on tap water, and the taste of water should have a little chlorine and flouride in it in my opinion, otherwise it tastes funny.  Korea’s tap water doesn’t taste great at all.  It has a different taste in some buildings than it does in others.  In my apartment it tastes a little bit like rubber (and that’s probably because somewhere along the way it passes through a rubber hose).  In my old house, it tasted fine, but I had to let it run for 10 seconds or so, otherwise it would have a yellowish tint.  I believe the city when it says it has good water, but I don’t trust the buildings connected to the city water supply.  Water shouldn’t be yellow or rubber tasting.

How do Koreans drink water then?

Well, from what I’ve observed, the trend is to simply buy water in bottles. In addition, there are other kinds of things like large bottle delivery that can be hooked up to machines.  This is the typical kind that Americans would recognize as office water coolers.  If you’re really into the high-tech, though then you should check this out!

The Magic Water Filter! So CUUUUTE!!!!

Check what out?

Well, the high tech/high class people buy water purifiers.  These are pretty sweet in that they dispense chilled water or boiling hot water.  There’s no need to boil water for instant coffee or instant ramen.    This particular filter is made by the Tong Yang Magic Company that also makes lots of stuff for kitchens with great design!  It’s so cute!  The technology behind it is pretty sweet also, as not only is the temperature regulated but the filtration system is quite complex.  It has four cartridges.

The best thing about it is that there’s no need for plastic bottles, and it works with tap water, so in the long term, you save money and save the Earth! (Unless of course the filters are bad for the Earth… but who cares?  You’re saving money anyway.)

I think it will be another 20 or 30 years before Koreans start to trust their tap water, (as I forsee that all of the buildings that aren’t up to standards out of the way by then).  Until then, drink safely!!!

Four different filtration cartridges!


16 Responses to “Mmm.. water…”

  1. That’s gotta cost a pretty penny… Between paying for each filter and the machine, I’ll take my slightly-discolored-but-won’t-kill-me tap water.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I guess it depends on how long you plan on staying here in Korea.

      Honestly, since you can get water delivered to your house in those huge bottles, it might end up being more cost effective and eco-friendly (since they re-use the bottles), but then again, you have to account for the fact that someone had to drive your water to your house.

    • lim.hyung.sun Says:

      well, actually waterfilters aren’t that excessively expensive; many Korean homes have them. I don’t know about the conditions of the water pipes in America, but the tap water in Korea really do tastes funny and many people have health concern over the long term effect of drinking tap water without filtering or boiling…

  2. I trust Tap water in Mexico (despite what people outside the country think…. our Tap Water dosn’t kill O.o )
    I’ve been tempted to buy a filter for my house,,,,but always end up spending that $$ in something else… I want one pink like the cute one on the pic 😀

  3. Emmm I think more Koreans boil the water with barley tea bags ( have a look :D)

    Well, that was how my mom raised me… The Korean water is pretty clean compared to a lot of places actually lol

    We get muddy water here in Malaysia :S and we have to filter the water ourselves

  4. All my friends and family members in socal either use bottle water or filter their tap water.

  5. It’s so pity news…When we were young, we just drank the tap-water without worries…But now the goverment is trying the tap-water to clean such as A-RISU(아리수)… So I beleive that we can drink the tap-water in anywhere…

  6. Actually Korean’s water supply is as safe as in any other developed country. It’s neither discoloured nor stinky. The only reason why korean is not willing to hava a drink og tap water is they believe the Chroline used to puryfy water is poisous.
    But there is a sort of missunderstanding.

  7. Canadians drink tap water as well, but I don’t like the taste. It’s very hard to explian what taste it is.. just there’s something I can feel..!

    So I always boil water with tea. (I also boiled water today!)

  8. […] Mmm.. water… | The Seoul Searcher […]

  9. i don’t think korean water tastes bad at all – but is it really safe to drink without boiling it? But I love the weak tea which is really common in korea.

  10. I live surrounded by the Alps, so tap water is very clean in my city but actually the majority of the people living here buy water in bottles because they think it’s more hygienic.
    I agree with the idea of buying a water purifier because it saves money… well, maybe the filters are bad for the Earth but actually we’re exactly polluting the Earth with all the bottles we throw everyday!

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      That’s absolutely true. There needs to be a better solution to all of this.

      • Yes, there need a lot of solutions…
        We are complaining about our tap water and we buy bottles of water everyday but we forget that there are millions of people dying because of thirst… Sometimes I feel guilty when I use more water than I really need. 😦 Frank Sinatra wouldn’t approve my sentence… What an unequal world!

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