Thanks to all the people who participated in the contest.  I have chosen the winner, and the winner is:……..

Melek Bayoudh is the winner of the first reader mission.

Who’s the Winner?
Melly Bay from Italy!  In the last reader mission,  I asked people to write about prominent citizens in their country that were of Korean descent, that have contributed positively to society.  I gave the example of John Cho, for his work in activism.  A lot of the entrants thought that they then needed to choose other actors.  In this contest it was hard to choose a winner as there were three really great entries.  Gina Joy from the U.S. wrote about a politician, Harold Koh, and Jun Takayama from Japan wrote about Shin Kyuk-ho, a businessman.  Melly’s entry on Min Sang Cho was especially great because he’s not really all that famous to begin with, and she’s from a country where celebrities of Korean descent aren’t really easy to come by.  So, for amount of effort and difficulty, I have to award the prize (some funky socks and ramen noodles) to her.  I’ll also link her blog.

Congrats Melly, and I hope you’ll continue reading.


7 Responses to “READER MISSION FINISHED!!!!”

  1. Wow, congraturation 🙂
    I like her comment as well!!

  2. Thank you so much!!! ㅅ_ㅅ

  3. Congrats Melly!
    You totally deserve it!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Congrats Melly!!
    You totally deserve it, by the way I really liked your pics!! 🙂

  5. congratulation!!!

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