Hololight! Cool, but practical?

You have to see it to understand...

At the 2010 Coex World IT Show, I saw a lot of products, some were really cool, others were just okay, some were totally worthless.  I don’t really know which category to put this next product, Zenex’s hololight into.

It’s not that it’s a bad product, far from it, it does exactly what it is designed for, looks high tech, and it’s really cool.  Not to mention, it’s also futuristic.  This is the kind of stuff I expected to see in sci-fi films about the future.

That said… I’m not really sure what practical application it has other than advertising.  As you can see from the diagram, the hologram portion of the light can’t be used to illuminate anything.  That function is done by a standard light bulb.  The hologram itself exists only inside that inverted pyramid section, and it’s really small.

It still looks really cool though.

I imagine that in the future it might be possible to show video in a similar type of set up.  Imagine being able to watch all your TV shows from whatever angle you want to.  That would be really neat.

Until then, I guess this product is limited to being a novelty item.   I suppose that it could be used to line the street in front of a building, and you could sell the hologram space to other companies.  But if that’s the purpose of this product then I guess I’ll have to simply put it into the okay category.  We don’t need MORE blatant advertising and product placement, do we?

I suppose if the rotating hologram said FREE BEER COME INSIDE… I’d do it.

Here’s a video


18 Responses to “Hololight! Cool, but practical?”

  1. Emmmmmmmm I have to agree, its not really practical at all. But if this company is able to make bigger pyramids and a bigger projection of the hologram it would be really useful. Like the G20 meetings or government arrangements can be done without wasting valuable fuel lol

    I guess the company needs a bit more time to produce a more marketable product 😀

  2. I didn’t understand very well… I guess I have to see the video to understand it ,,right? too bad videos are not enabled at the office 😦
    but for what I understood doesn’t seem to be very functional (at least for now) and if it’s only going to be used to “promote/announce” something I think it’s just another way to waste more energy :S

    btw.. I like the new background 🙂

    • Ok ok!!! now that I’ve seen the video I understand how it works and I think eventually peaople will want to use those for Advertising….. o.O I think it’d be a good idea to have those in schools for clases …

      • The Seoul Searcher Says:

        For classes? Explain please…

        • Yes, like in Mexico they are implementing a plan where they give computers and projectors to schools so they can (ahem..) project videos oh history, biology, etc.
          So it’d be cool to habe this hologram like in the midle of the classroom and the whole class will get to see like a 3D video of the Mexican Revolution, etc… u_u

          • The Seoul Searcher Says:

            I guess the video quality wasn’t all that great, but it definitely wasn’t 3d. It was more like a piece of paper spinning. But I think later the technology will get better

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Yea, we’re changing things up here a bit. Soon it will be the way we like it and we can carry forth!

  3. Whenever I see advanced technology like this, I’m excited! What I imagined in my childhood becomes a reality.
    Hologram! It’s really amazing!! When it’s developed more, it would take some people’s place such as a tour guide and an usher, I guess. It would be great, wouldn’t it? 🙂

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      What if your job is tourguide or usher?

      • A lot of jobs are created and disapeared as time goes by! For example, telephone operator was one of the important jobs in the past, but we don’t need the job any more. However, web designer that nobody didn’t needed 30 years ago is playing an important role in many workplaces thesedays 🙂
        In the future, there must be new jobs.

        If I were a tourguide and hologram took my place, I would design the tour course that hologram cannot do by itself.
        If I were an usher, I’d learn how to manage the hologram system.

        Or I would find anther interesting job that have been just created in the future 😀

        • The Seoul Searcher Says:

          That’s certainly a good point, but there’s still a latent fear that all unskilled labor will eventually be done by robots or other machines. What happens to the poor uneducated people then?

          • We have to prepare measures for them, but that cannot interfere with technological development.
            To protect their life, do you should we give up developing new technology? Of course not. It’s ridiculous! That means we have to give up more convenient life.
            I’m sure that new technology makes our life better. When the light bulb was invented for the first time, all laborers protested! They had to work even at night, because it was not dark any more by turning on bulbs! However, nobody complains about its invent nowadays. We needed it. Thanks to that, we are having better life! The poor uneducated people are also using the technology and they need it.

            We need solutions to help the poor uneducated people, but that cannot be the problem to develop new technology.

  4. I like a lot, becouse it´s kind of 3d viewer, so the technology is going to be like in the movies, like star wars… if you remember, in star wars, there is a very similar comunication with the holograms, maybe in our future we are going to talk with the holograms… it´s nice!!!

  5. Wow.. so surprise…. I hope we can see the 3D hologram light on all of street in near future.

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