Apple I-Phone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S

The Galaxy-S is poised to sell well as an alternative to the i-Phone 4.

Okay, this isn’t exactly my opinion, but it’s my opinion of a translation of someone else’s opinion.

Another anonymous blogger that I follow, “The Korean” from the blog “Ask A Korean“, actually translated the original text from a Korean language tech blog called Alternative Hypothesis, run by Kim Sang Hoon, who works at the Dong-A Ilbo newspaper.  Trying to read it myself would have taken me probably all day, so thanks to “The Korean” for translating.

After reading the translation I can see exactly how Samsung’s marketing strategy is kind of genius.  Everyone knows that people want the i-Phone, and the Galaxy-S is… well pretty much the phone that people bought who for some reason or another couldn’t get their hands on an i-Phone.  That said, Samsung seems poised to clean up with it.

I’m not going to post the whole article, but the most interesting part of it follows:

Compared to [i-Phone], Galaxy S is not a great product. Although it receives praises of “best functionalities among all the Android phones thus far,” it feels more like a well-rounded thing without a big flaw rather than the best. This is why it is difficult to imagine anyone who would stay up all night to buy Galaxy S, children who jump up and down with joy after receiving Galaxy S, or a friend who is on the verge of tears after receiving a Galaxy S as a gift.

But even the greatest product is meaningless if it is not there by your hands when you want to buy it. Therein lies the greatness of Samsung Electronics. It was reported that Samsung pre-ordered more than a million Galaxy S. Worldwide, 110 communications companies are planning to purchase Galaxy S, and Samsung plans to supply them all at the time they want the phones. In contrast, iPhone 4 will only be available in five countries (including the U.S.) by the end of June, 18 countires by the end of July, and even later for other countries. Until then, people cannot buy an iPhone no matter how much they want one. When the demand outstrips the supply, Samsung can conjure the magic of instantly increasing supply by expanding the production line for Product A into the production line that used to make Product B. Apple cannot do this. Instead, Apple takes reservation on the quantity of its products, gets its product based on that deadline, then increases the supply if the order increases. Although Apple is always late to respond to the market, it covers its weakness by its product’s outstanding attractiveness. Apple even goes so far as to use the reactions of the waiting customers in its marketing.

Wow, that really looks cool. I wonder how long I'd have to wait in line to buy that? (I also wonder how many months I'll need to live on nothing but cereal in order to be able to afford it.)

If it were me, I’d naturally rather have the i-Phone, but I wouldn’t like the expensive price and the waiting for hours in line just to buy one. I probably will eventually buy an i-Phone, but only after I am finished with my wedding and honeymoon plans, and only if I can walk into the store and get it immediately. And on top of that, only if my current dinosaur of a phone explodes or something.


26 Responses to “Apple I-Phone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S”

  1. o.O
    I wan’t an iphone but if u were going to live on nothing but cereal I’d live on nothing but watter…specially in Mexico is really expensive not only to get the actual phone but because you have to pay a monthly bill for the service and it’s really expensive…
    for now I can live with my current phone (Alcatel OT 800) and instead of paying a very expensive bill I can save that money for the trip im planning n_n !!

  2. i like i-phone 4,,, many application n it’s so interesting…^^
    but in indonesia it’s so expensive “for me” 😦

  3. Ghislaine Messi Says:

    I’d like apple to stop making a new phone every few months. I just bought the last model!

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      They already have the technology to be making the phone they will release 5 years from now, you realize.

  4. markuk99 Says:

    In the UK both the iphone4 and the galaxy s cost the same price sim free and can be bought instantly by walking into a store.

    I want the galaxy s though, because it has many more features and is a more powerful phone. there are also more free apps available on android than iphone4 . the only good thing about iPhone is its excellent marketing hype

  5. Its quite sad, how the world is becoming so uniformed and dull. Like my friends and I were waiting for the bus. Then, all my friends took out their iphone and started playing games on it… Although the iphone was attractive, I thought the uniqueness of buying an iphone was gone.

    I just hope that more smart phones (like the Galaxy S and the iphone) appear so that there is a various choice of phones, instead of everyone using the iphone. lol

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Actually, I’m reading a book called the Long Tail, which explains that the world is getting less uniform and there is more variety than ever before, and this trend will continue.

      With the internet, we have unlimited choice in what we consume. It’s far easier to be an individual these days than it would have been even 10 years ago.

      • Well I guess it really depends on what aspect we’re looking at maybe? and the opinions of different intellectuals.

        I guess in consumption-wise we can really buy all sorts of stuff, especially with the internet. However, in general, the world is becoming more uniformed :S I’m not sure about my sources but they say there are less languages that exists than before. Moreover, most products lookalike, once the high demand for that trend is publicized. Cough*

        Anyways lol it was interesting to learn about the different marketing strategies of those two companies.

        • The Seoul Searcher Says:

          Oh yea, I see what you’re saying. Languages are dying, English is flexing its muscle, and yes, products are resembling each other.

          But, as the music and clothing industries (the two that people most associate with self identity) used to be controlled by the industries trying to make all of us like the same thing, now it is we who are telling them that we want more variety. With the internet, this is more and more possible for us to pick and choose.

  6. Apple’s products are really good. As you know, Apple is one of the valuable companies in the world. But nowadays consumers are complaining the defective thing of I-Phone 4. So I ‘m wondering how Apple will react these problems. I wanted to buy I-phone. But through this event, I’m reconsidering now.

  7. I am using a Galaxy Phone (Not Galaxy S, Just Galaxy phone which is the first mobile of galaxy line up). I hope the Galaxy S has much more improve (specific Speed!!) than previous galaxy phone. If yes, Galaxy S can be winner on the Mobile market in the world.

  8. the specs for Galaxy S looks great, but hear there is still problems with speed and applications-wise not that many, but guess it will sell well in Korea

  9. I have an iPhone 3G. It has been a present but now I can’t live without it. I hate that because I’ve been affected by its design and capabilities. There are really amazing apps and also about Korean language, medias and culture that I use everyday to improve my knowledge.
    Everything has its good and bad side. This phone caused me a lot of problems especially because I always have to connect it to iTunes to get it updated and install new features (ringtones, photo from my pc, backups…).
    Actually, if you need a good phone with a good battery lifetime, it isn’t wise to chose iPhone.

  10. I’d rather buy the Samsung’s new model coz
    now Apple’s i-phpne 4G is suffering from its thechnical defects i.e antenna problems.

  11. Wow this is a great post.. I’m enjoying it.. good post

  12. Do you have a evaluation on the LG optimus? I hear its supposed to be a pretty big deal from T-Mobile.

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  14. Apple I-Phone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S | The Seoul Searcher… is a blog about my adventures in Korea. Korea is a wonderful place to live, work and play! If you want to know what it’s like in Korea, this blog is for you!…

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