Shanghai Expo Korea Pavilion (contd.)

Okay, sorry to all who were expecting prompt information about my experience at the Expo.  First, this website is going through a total overhaul.  I suspect in the near future that it will be looking different.  Between that and other projects at work, in addition to the World Cup, I haven’t had time to update about how awesome the expo was.

Anyway today, as promised, I deliver to you the video I took of the Korea pavilion.  My impressions of other pavilions will follow in the coming week.


9 Responses to “Shanghai Expo Korea Pavilion (contd.)”

  1. Awesome………….!!!!!!!!!!! I understand why so many people waited long time for that..! It was worth 😀

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I wouldn’t have waited that long, but someone who worked there put me into perspective.

      China doesn’t have a Disney Land, a Magic Mountain, or even a Lotte World. There isn’t anything for them to see, so what I see as neat, the people there see as TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME. And so the Expo is like the first amusement park in China ever. With so many people there they are used to waiting for everything. So I think I can totally understand. now.

      • Oh.. I didn’t know the Expo is like the first amusement park in China! It’d be more awesome than I expected.
        I talked about it with my japanese friend, and she said she would visit Korea Pavillion in Shanghai Expo. She’s supposed to go on a trip to Shanghai next year 🙂

  2. Says:

    Wow, the virtual aquarium is unbelievable! X) Thanks for interesting and informational video, hope to visit the expo before it ends!

  3. :O I want a touchscreen TV, love the pavilion it reminded me of a Museum here in mexico (

    I have to do my best to go to the next one in 2012!!

    ps. loved the background song XD

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      That’s Lady Gaga’s telephone in the background.

      I don’t know what good a touchscreen TV would be, you’d have to clean it all the time.

  4. This has actually sparked up an thought in my brain. These jokes are so silly. Keep them coming!

  5. I hope to see the EXPO in 2012. Watching this video I think it’s worth it!

  6. Omg I’m quite amazed!!! No wonder my friend told me to go to the expoㅡㅡ…

    and lol I guess thats where my tax went

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