Landon the Free, Donov the Brave

Okay okay, I know this is a Korea blog, and I know that the World Cup has seemingly taken over my blog. But I have to mention how awesome it is that the United States made it through to the round of 16.  Let me tell you how my night of watching it was.

I got home tired from staying up the night before for the Korea game, and being super sluggish all through work. After a nap and dinner I turned on the TV only to find that SBS was only playing the England game, because I guess England is more famous. I heard that the U.S. game was on a cable channel, but I have 500 of them in my directory and only 50 of them work. It would have been impossible to find the right one as with IPTV you have to wait 10 seconds on each channel to see if you can access it or not, so I went to my computer and tried to find it streamed. Most U.S. stream sites were only allowed to stream within the U.S., so I actually ended up settling on one in Arabic. I then assumed incorrectly that I’d be able to use my radio to tune in to AFN for the play by play. AFN didn’t have it on, so that sucked. I searched the bandwidth for Korean radio commentary, only to find that on the radio too, Korea only cares about England! Anyway I’ve been watching replays in many languages on youtube, and I think the ESPN guys did it best.

So what happened?

Not only did the US make it through, but they did so in dramatic fashion, and they won the whole group, ahead of England, which also advanced.

Dramatic Fashion?

Just… watch. Keep in mind this was the 91st minute.  If it had remained a draw, the US would have been eliminated.  This is basically the most important goal of the 2010 campaign (so far). Some are calling it the greatest goal in U.S. Soccer history.

Edit: FIFA is blocking the top video so I will instead leave you with this awesome fan reaction video

Anyway… my prediction for the US and Korea in the quarterfinal is well on its way to becoming reality.

Korea must beat Uruguay, and US must beat Ghana.  Both are entirely possible.

(Edit: What a horrible prediction I made. Neither of that happened.)
Landon Donovan might not be the most handsome athlete ever, but I think I’ll always remember him for one of the most important goals in U.S. soccer history.


10 Responses to “Landon the Free, Donov the Brave”

  1. Wow! Awesome 🙂
    If your prediction that Korea beats Uruguay and US beats Ghana turns out to be a real, I’ll call you Nostradamus! haha Hope your prediction to become reality!!

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      So do I, but I’m not looking forward to having to choose one over the other!!!!

      • Haha.. It must be too difficult for you to choose between two..! If it happens, just enjoy the game, whoever wins 🙂 I’ll cheer Korean team, though.. hahaha

  2. I am in California and watched it around 7:00 am. Those guys almost gave me a heart attack. I was emotional and physical exhausted after the match. What an awesome goal. I hope with this victory helps soccer get more coverage and increase popularity in the u.s. Afterall, soccer is real man’s sport. You do not have to have extra ordinary physical size to play the game unlike in football or basketball.

  3. I just watched the video (vids don’t work @ the office) and OMG!!
    I was hoping Mexico had that luck on the game with Urugay but we lost 😦

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