Sweet! Korea advances to sweet 16!

Fans of Korea's team react to their team advancing past the first round. Notice the Korea 2022 sign. Yes, Korea wants the world cup again!

So yesterday I watched the first volley of worldcup games in a bar in Jongno.  One of the customers was from France and was really excited for their game with South Africa, but SBS was showing the Mexico Uruguay game instead.  I guess it doesn’t matter because no matter what happened in the France South Africa game, Mexico and Uruguay both advanced.  After that game I went home and tried to stay awake so I could catch Korea vs. Nigeria at 3:30 AM (Korea time). I drifted in an out of sleep while watching it, but the shouting of the Korean announcers when Korea defeated Nigeria 2-1 to advance woke me up.  So I can’t say I actually saw the game, but I was awoken when the magic happened.  It looks like the next match for Korea will be Uruguay on Saturday the 26th at 11:00 Korea time.

If Korea can get past that, then I predict a Korea vs U.S. match on July 2nd.  (This means I’m predicting the U.S. to win group C and win against whichever group D opponent they will face).

Man I’m tired..

(Edit Wow, I just realized now that Korea didn’t actually beat Nigeria, but drew 2-2.  I told you I was sleeping and only awoke when the TV started shouting at me.  Then I turned it off.)


20 Responses to “Sweet! Korea advances to sweet 16!”

  1. Hopefully Korea and u.s. both can win in the next round to face each other in the quarter final. Who are you rooting in that case? Sorry to put you on the spot.

  2. edit: Who are you rooting for in that case?

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      That’s a difficult question. I’m tied to both countries so intimately that I have to think about it. In 2002 when they played each other, I was for the USA only because I was in a room full of Koreans.

      In 2010, I live in Korea, so I’ll have to support the US again.

      Also since I really like underdog teams, and Korea’s already been to the semifinals, I’d like the U.S. to have its day.

      Mark my words, the U.S. will win a world cup in my lifetime.

  3. Goldman Says:

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  5. Yes, you must have been tired.. I understand 🙂

    At that time, I was at the office, so I wasn’t supposed to watch it. BUT!!! my boss gave us TIME-OFF for 2 hours to watch the game! (Ah.. I didn’t mention that I’m in Canada now. That’s why I started to watch it from around 11:30am ^^) The game was great, although we didn’t win.

    Go, Korea!!!!!!!! GO GO XD

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Yes, I woke up at 6:45 in the morning to go to work, then tried to stay up as late as possible, but I was not able to. The next day I woke at 6:45 and barely made it through the day.

  6. o.O
    My sister told me yesterday that there’s a possibility that Mexico to play against Korea and asked who I was going to support,,,even thou I DO support Korea… I’m Mexican and have to support my country no matter what!!! 😉 still support Korea on its other matches lol 🙂

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      The only way Korea will face Mexico is in the final. Mexico is taking on Argentina.

      • I know…this sunday!!!
        and it’s perfect because I’ve watched all the Games @ the Office… so I’ll spend my bday watching football with my family!
        I’m so excited! lol

        • The Seoul Searcher Says:

          Sounds fun. I always have to stay up to an unreasonable hour to watch the games here.

          • I remember in 2002 (I think) we had to watch the games between 1am and 7am o.O
            weird this is,,,,,,,,, I loved having a drink and snacks at 3am while watching the game and then going to school at 6am ….aww Good all times!

          • The Seoul Searcher Says:

            Yes, I remember then too, but I was done with school and my part time job started at 1PM, so actually it wasn’t so bad.

  7. Korea H8R Says:

    You’re an idiot. There’s no way Korea’s gonna get to 8, USA sucks too!

  8. Go For Taeguk Warriors!!
    I do not care about Uruguay and US somthing like that.. We destroy them and going to final game!!

    We will meet Argentina again and will defeat them!!

    We are winner on the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I know how that works. I pay for membership on your site to learn that the secret is that I do the same thing, and have people pay for membership in my site. No thanks!

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