Disaster! Korea loses badly to Argentina, but still alive.


CHO Yong Hyung's face shows the mood of an entire nation after Argentina scores yet AGAIN

Well, everyone who knows anything about soccer expected Korea to lose to Argentina, but nobody expected the team to lose this bad.  Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuain scored three times in last night’s match, and Korea scored two.  A 3-2 score isn’t so bad, but that wasn’t the score of this game, because one of Korea’s goals was scored against itself, a miscue by Park Chu Young.  Lee Chung Yong’s goal came just as time was running out in the first half and one of Argentina’s players was having a brain fart.  In short, this game was embarrasing.  This is the kind of score I expected for the Brazil vs DPR Korea game.  The Korean team looked helpless as Argentina basically ran circles around them.

Korea losing 2-1 would have been an accomplishment, 3-1 would have been respectable, but 4-1 is downright nasty.  It’s okay, people expected Korea to lose this game and for the outcome to be decided against Nigeria, but they also expected Nigeria to manhandle Greece, which didn’t happen.  Well a manhandling happened but it was the Greeks manhandling the Nigerians, further complicating things.

So what happens from here?  The final match of group B will be Korea vs Nigeria, and Greece vs. Argentina at 3:30 AM Korea time on the 23rd.  Had Nigeria defeated Greece, then Korea’s destiny would have been 100% in their own hands, and Argentina would have qualified for the second round.  Now there are some strange scenarios, and even a win over Nigeria doesn’t necessarily guarantee a place in the sweet 16.  I’ll list the scenarios here for each team.First, the standings.  For those of you who don’t know how the world cup works, in the group stage, a win is worth 3 points and a draw is worth 1 point.  If two or more teams finish the group stage with the same number of points, then there are a series of tie breakers.  These are: goal differential, total goals scored, then results in common matches.

Argentina – 6points, 5 goals, 1 against

Korea – 3 points , 3 goals, 4 against

Greece – 3 points, 2 goals, 3 against

Nigeria – 0 points, 1 goal, 3 against

It looks like Argentina is sitting pretty here, and can only be eliminated in a very very unlikely scenario, (such as losing by 4 or more to Greece with Korea defeating Nigera by 2 or more).

Korea will advance with:

1.  A win vs Nigeria and a Greek loss vs Argentina (ARG, KOR)

2.  A win vs Nigeria and a Greek win vs Argentina with higher goal differential than Greece or Argentina (ARG, KOR) or (KOR, GRE)

3.  A win vs Nigeria and a Greek draw vs Argentina.  (ARG, KOR)

4.  A draw vs Nigeria and a Greek loss vs Argentina  (ARG, KOR)

5.  A draw vs Nigeria and a Greek draw vs Argentina with more goals scored than Greece (ARG, KOR)

6.  A loss vs Nigeria by 1 goal margin and a Greek loss vs. Argentina. (ARG, KOR)

Okay, that’s pretty long, so I am not going to do it for each team but it looks like we want Greece to lose to Argentina and we want Korea to (at the very least) lose to Nigeria by only one goal.

Here are the scenarios where Korea doesn’t advance.

1.  A win vs. Nigeria and a Greek win vs Argentina with lower goal differential than both Greece and Argentina. ( ARG, GRE)

2.  A draw vs. Nigeria and a Greek win vs Argentina (ARG, GRE)

3.  A loss vs Nigeria and a Greek win vs Argentina ( ARG, GRE)

4. A loss vs Nigeria and a Greek draw vs Argentina (ARG, GRE)

5. A loss vs Nigera by more than 1 goal and a Greek loss vs Argentina. (ARG, NGA)


19 Responses to “Disaster! Korea loses badly to Argentina, but still alive.”

  1. Messi was untouchable…a brilliant and creative player!!
    The result was quite shocking and disappointing though, in my opinion, they did pretty well. And..head up..Joo-Young Park, not your fault..
    they can make it, go for it Korea!

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Quite well is definitely not what I would have called Korea’s play in that match. Who did well? I’d like to know.

  2. That game was a kind of disaster. But the situation is not pessimistic. Because we have one more game. It means there is a possibility to go to the next round. So I’m looking forward to the next match. And even if Korea fails, I’ll cheer for Korea soccer team forever. Reds go together!

  3. To webmaster of the Seoul Searcher,

    As a person who enters this web site regulary, I am now quite shocked from your reply. How could you leave a reply like that? It was just my opinion, you know everyone thinks in a different way. I reckon Korean players played well and try to cheer them up. Why are you so aggressive to my just little thing? What you did is very disappointing me seriously.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      parkkun, it’s called discussion. Please don’t take it personally as an attack on you that I disagree with you. When you said you thought they did well in a 4-1 loss, I just wanted to know who you thought really did well, because that’s the first time I’ve heard anyone say that.

      Anyway I appreciate you coming to the site a lot, so thanks.

  4. Argentina was so strong….. but it’s ok..! Korea will be better.. hopefully..! ^^ Go, Korea 🙂

  5. 1st of all I respect all opinions and yes we have to accept when “our” team is not having a good time at the field…. but Hope is the last thing that dies,,,right?
    Like with Mexico,,,everyone (at least most mexicans) thought we were going to lose all games and Mexico defeated France!!! and for us that’s HUGE!!! so I keep hoping Korea will pass to the next “stage” 🙂

  6. Just want to say that your blog is great and that Real Asian comments was out of place and an idiot.

  7. Gina Joy Says:

    North Korea/Portugal was a worse disaster!

  8. Extremely well-written post you wrote here. As 1 blogger to another one, I recognise how difficult and how much time it takes to come up something substantial. You have my respect.

  9. Argentina is crushing their adversaries in the world cup. Argentina is in all probability going to win it all, I sympathize with whomever they’re playing next!

  10. that first goal pissed me off. wtf. good game tho.

  11. Hey buddy I’ve really loved reading up your posts I’ve found them rather cool, Can’t wait for your next post! Speak again soon =]

  12. koutaro-t.net

    Disaster! Korea loses badly to Argentina, but still alive. | Eugene is huge!

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