World Cup Game 1 Korea vs Greece!

Captain Korea

Park Jisung after scoring his 2nd half goal.

Did you know fried chicken was made in Greece?  (think about it.. wait wait wait….)

Okay, fried chicken may not have been made in Greece, and neither was a good soccer team, and I mean that nicely because while the Korean press has been practically having orgasms over how well the Korean team did on Saturday, I’m probably one of the few people in the country who sees it as it is, a win over a terribly weak team.  How Greece even qualified I don’t know. FIFA ranks the Greek team at 13th and Korea at 47th somehow. 13th? More like 130th!  Greece was so bad in that game that they probably could have been beaten by an amateur team fielded by peg legged obese mailmen.  I don’t think this win is really as great as everyone thinks it is and Korea’s biggest challenges in this world cup are ahead, not behind.

That said, am I happy that Korea won?  H – E – double hockey sticks YES!

The shouts of what?  Huh? What does that even mean?

When you're done with the world cup, can I have that?

The country was waiting for this day to come so much that practically every newspaper, everything on TV (including commercials) and every advertisement in the street was about the Korean team in the world cup.  I even managed to snag a picture of some Shouts of Reds mini coopers being driven around Gangnam.  I don’t know if that’s such a great advertising strategy for Korea Telecom, I mean few people if any will connect the national soccer team or its supporters to KT, but hey, it was cool.

The day itself finally came, and I had plans to go check out the action inside the world cup stadium.  I’d heard that they were going to show the game on the jumbotron inside the stadium.  I’ve been to that stadium a few times.  Usually it is to watch the national team play, but I’ve also seen FC Seoul take on Manchester United there.  I believe I’ve seen one K-League game there.  With the exception of the Manchester United game, the rest of the games usually have their fair share of fans, and you could hear crickets chirp in the K-League game.

The day of the game it was raining heavily, so I thought perhaps that the stadium event would be cancelled.  I turned on the TV about 2 hours before the game to see if I could find any pre game analysis and stuff.  Instead what I found were some live concerts going on around the country in similar events where people would publicly gather and watch the game on TV.  They then changed to Seoul World cup stadium and I saw the event was going as planned.

Being that actual K-League matches fail to draw fans, I thought that the stadium would be mostly empty.  After all, it was raining and the match itself wasn’t going to be played live.  Watch the next movie and tell me if I was right or wrong…
Obviously I was wrong.  The turnout was amazing.  Naturally people tried to avoid the rain, so the ground floor wasn’t packed, but the stands were.  And while I have to admit that at the distance I was sitting from the Jumbotron screen, I couldn’t clearly see the game.  This was, however the best time I’ve ever had watching a world cup game.  It was so exciting!  The fact that Korea won only makes it better.

I know some people are superstitious and all, but I think I am a good luck charm for the Korean national team.  They have won or drawn every game that I have gone to the stadium to see.  I’ve seen them lose on TV before, but out of the various times I saw the team play in Japan and Korea, they’ve always won or drawn, including a win against Germany in 2003, and winning the first East Asian Football Federation Championship in Japan in 2003.  That said, I won’t be going to the stadium to watch vs Argentina, so they’ll have to do it on their own in that one, haha.

As for the game itself, it was a great game for Korea.  Very few mistakes were made, their defense was quite solid, they did fairly well against a team that supposedly had a strong defense.  Greece was even slightly favored to win the match, so the fact that Korea was able to come away with 3 points is amazing.  The road to the sweet 16 is still difficult, as Argentina and Nigeria are way better than Greece is, but for now I’m quite happy with the way they played.

In other news, my other team, the USA also did very well to manage a draw against England, thanks to a silly blunder by England’s goalie.  These people are human, so it can be expected, but that guy must feel terrible.  He’ll have GOAT stamped to his head for the rest of his life if England somehow fails to advance, but I don’t think that will happen.  Anyway take a look.


5 Responses to “World Cup Game 1 Korea vs Greece!”

  1. Otto Octavius Says:

    Korea is gonna lose to Argentina and Nigeria, they have no chance of winning. 2002 was a joke and a severe case of luck, bad calls by the referees, and amazing home field advantage.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I really only agree with you about the superb home field advantage. The rest I think is subject to opinion, but I can understand why you feel that way.

  2. if Korea won Greece, it means that Korean team is able to handle the other teams too, regardless off it almost has lost one game. fighting!

  3. sihoon0513 Says:

    well I guess we proved that Korea is Good!

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      All the teams that made the world cup are good!

      Some of the teams that didn’t make the world cup are also good. (Ireland for example)

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