The government wants to take fun out of watching the world cup.

According to this article in the Korea Herald, people should not drink alcohol, shout, or watch the games in loud places.  They should also not eat chicken and carbonated drinks while watching, but fruits and veggies.

I understand that the government has general health on its mind, but did you see how rabid the Korean fans were in 2002?

Now 2010 isn’t at all anything like this, but still, people aren’t gonna drink prune juice and sit far enough away from the TV so as not to damage their eyes.

On top of that, they made a silly acronymn as is customary in Korea.

Heart protection, Exercise, Aqua, Low-calorie diet, using public Transportation, Happy mind and stop Yelling

H-E-A-L-T-H-Y spells healthy!!!!!


Happy mind?


Silly government!


3 Responses to “The government wants to take fun out of watching the world cup.”

  1. it doesn’t make sense at all!!! how silly is that! What do the goverment have in their mind?

  2. Such a idiot…..-_-;

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Yea, I can imagine one guy with a megaphone at city hall. “Please quiet down… don’t drink so much beer…!”

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