2010 Shanghai Expo Day 1 (Part 1) Korea Pavilion

Due to technical difficulties, (I can’t access Youtube) the video files that I took yesterday can’t be added to this article. Please know that this article is not complete and I’ll be sure to show more.

Understatement of the year: Shanghai is crowded. No no, I am serious. I get bothered when there isn’t a seat for me on the bus in Seoul, or if I’m waiting in Shibuya to cross the street and some drunk business man is bumping into me. Granted, the Expo site is an attraction, but IT’S MONDAY MORNING!!!! DON’T YOU PEOPLE WORK?!?!??!?!?!?! I guess I can’t really complain. I have a special pass that lets me bypass lines in some places. But the wait to get into the most popular pavilions is upwards of 4 hours.

Inside one of the least popular pavilions, the crowd is still packed in like sardines

It's packed! In Nepal, one of the least popular pavilions even!

This 3D rendering of the Korea Pavilion doesn't do it justice, but I can't get in an airplane and take a good picture of it from the air, so you'll have to accept this one and the various close up pics I provide later.

So, what did you see at the expo?

Well, since my company is a Korean company I obviously spent most of the first day in and around the Republic of Korea pavilion. I got an all access tour of the Korea pavilion so lucky you, I’ll show it to you but since I can’t access youtube, I can’t show you anything other than still pics yet. I also got a chance to see the other Korea Pavilion. That was also interesting in a different way. Finally, I went to the Vietnam and Nepal pavilions, as wait times for most of the other ones were too long and my special pass wasn’t working for those. Let me talk about the Korea Pavilion first, then I’ll get to the other things that I saw.

I’ll first talk about the design.

The Korea Pavilion is designed with a really strange shape. It’s not only very colorful, but the outside architecture is made to look like Hangeul. As such, it’s basically a giant abstract sculpture. Take a look at these pics.

The Korea Pavilion is so popular that the virtual tour on its website is now inaccurate, as a lot of the first floor of the pavilion has been changed to an extended waiting area to go to the 2nd floor of the Korea exhibition. As you can plainly see, it’s overly crowded. At least in this part of the pavilion there is some live entertainment (dancing, drumming, traditional instruments, etc) to make the wait to get in a lot less boring. And of course, there are touch screens to play with!

No published image of the Korea Pavilion has a picture shot from this angle

Okay so you get the point, it’s crowded. I’ll publish a video later that shows you how many people were waiting to get into this pavilion. It’s usually a 3 hour wait on weekdays, and a 5 to 6 hour wait on weekends. From May 26th to May 30th, it was “Korea Week”. During that time the pavilion was even more busy, culminating with the Korean music festival, in which 4 popular Korean musical acts performed. The event was SO popular that the 5000 free tickets were gone very quickly, and scalpers were even selling them for 3000 RMB (that’s almost $500 USD). There were even fans fighting with police trying to get in. The expo organizers clearly didn’t anticipate that the Korea pavilion would be as popular as it is, and clearly the Korean Wave can now be classified as a tsunami. Well, at least in China anyway.

Okay so how about the inside of the Korea Pavilion?

Yea, I’m getting there hold on. Again, I’m planning to put it all together in a beautiful movie, but until then you can just enjoy these still pictures. I don’t understand why Youtube is being blocked from the expo site where I am writing this.

Anyway, let’s look at a few pictures from the inside of the Korea Pavilion:

...And there was light.

Look Mom! 3D!!!!

They aren't REALLY underwater. This camera uses facial recognition software to add the helmet to the image.

One really interesting thing I saw was advertisments for the next expo. That’ll be in 2012 in Yeosu… KOREA!!!!

So good to have a friend!

So, yes, there were a lot of other things that I saw on this first day, but I can’t even finish this post because China is blocking youtube for some reason. I have to go out and check out some more of the expo. So I’ll leave you with this incomplete post for now. Sorry! Please check back later when I have figured out the youtube problem.

Edit:  The video can be found here!


9 Responses to “2010 Shanghai Expo Day 1 (Part 1) Korea Pavilion”

  1. Now I’m staying in Vancouver. During the Olympics I went to Korean Pavillion. But there was nothing special. In my opinion, Korean Pavillion should show and exhibit Korean culture, technology, etc. And also we need special marketing strategy to promote Korea to all of the world. I’m looking forward to positive results through this EXPO.

    • Oh.. I think so..! I’m in Vancouver now and I visited Korean Pavillion as well.. There should have been something very Korean to give foreigners a big impression.

      • The Seoul Searcher Says:

        Something very Korean? What do you mean? If you mean they should show off samulnori or making dduk, then I am not sure I totally agree with that. Korea’s a modern society but always trying to show off old Joseon things. It only encourages orientalism in my opinion.

  2. The amazing little blueberry has emerged as nature’s number one source of antioxidants among fresh fruits and vegetables.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Great, why are you posting that on a story about the Korea pavilion at the Shanghai Expo? BANNED!

  3. Thanks a lot for this amazing posting, I definitely will add this website to my own rss feeds, a friend just informed me about this a couple weeks ago. this may be the greatest

  4. Awww! It must have been a great time there!
    What was the tree with the bells for?

  5. S.D.Buthpitiya Says:

    I couldn’t go there ! J me.ok

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