Voice Mirror, (2010 IT Show)

Did you ever find that when you are learning another language that it’s nearly impossible to kick the accent of your native language? Do you just want to learn to articulate better? Then this product might be for you!

Are you a salesman?

No, I just thought this was one of the cooler things I saw a week ago at the 2010 IT Show in Seoul. Sure, the mini bluetooth speakers were cool, but this software here kind of blew me away. It’s called voice mirror and it’s made by intelab.

How does it work?

Well, basically you speak into a microphone, then it shows you how your lips and tongue are shaped when you are saying the words. You can then compare that with a model voice and work to correct your pronunciation.

Who is it for?

This is a good tool for both teachers and students. Pronunciation is one of the hardest things about a language to teach, and even if taught well, some students have trouble visualizing how to say the words. Myself included. As you remember from the romanization article, I still can’t get ㅃㅉㄸㄲ or ㅆ . I am sure that voice mirror would help me. One of the staff at the IT show even told me that speech pathologists have successfully used the software to correct the pronunciation of disabled children.

It’s hard to explain, so just watch the video I made about it. (Visible after the jump!)


For more information about voice mirror or intelab, visit their website.


8 Responses to “Voice Mirror, (2010 IT Show)”

  1. Gina Joy Says:

    Speech instruction for the deaf has traditionally involved use of mirrors. Seems like this would be an even more useful tool. Speech pathologists in general would probably be very interested in this.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Yes indeed. The fact that the software can recognize which exact phoneme is being used is amazing to me though.

  2. Cool. I guess it’s a great invention. Hope it’s going to help students who are studying foreign language. In fact I see some Koreans having difficulty in pronouncing ‘R’ and ‘L’. I’m sure this tool will help them to improve on it.

  3. ………….Amazing……! That’s what I’m looking for..T_T Seriously….!!

  4. It should be definitely useful for peope who would like to learn new languages!! Great invention!

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      That looks pretty neat. I wonder if they could beat those American robots on that show Robot Wars

  5. This is all the theoretical studies of linguistics put into a practical software! Wonderful!
    I’ve seen that they made an app for iphone too but I can’t find it…

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