Bluetooth Speaker, World IT Show 2010

One of the cooler things I saw at the 2010 World IT show was the bluetooth speaker. You can see it in the picture on the left. It was so amazing in that you don’t need to connect it to anything and it picks up the audio signal via bluetooth. The sound quality isn’t bad either. I was standing over 20 feet away when Son Dambi’s hit song “Saturday Night” started blaring. I thought that it must be some kind of stereo system or gigantic speaker being advertised. When I followed the noise, I found that Ms. Son’s sultry voice was coming out of speakers no larger than my own thumb. It was even hitting the basstones very well. More about it after the jump.

Portable stereos keep getting smaller and smaller!

Thanks to the fact that I picked up some information about it, It is made by the company U & I, which stands for Ubiquitous and Information. I’d change the name if I were going to expand my company outside of Korea. Anyway the speaker itself is the Capella UIBS 400. To find out more about its technological specs click here. Of all the products on display that were not made by huge companies at the IT show, this product was probably my favorite. Certianly the 3D videophone and the hologram TV were interesting, but I think they have not been perfected yet. Oh yea, here’s the music video for the song that was playing on the speakers:


8 Responses to “Bluetooth Speaker, World IT Show 2010”

  1. Oh..little cute. comparing with existing bluetooth speakers, it’s absolutely amazing. Technology and design is always advancing.

  2. Wow!! that’s just incredibly small… It must be very portable though.

  3. Wow.. It’s very small..! I need it right now!! haha

  4. Unsure if anybody pointed this out, I failed to read all of the remarks, but your websites’ structure is really a litte off in Mozilla running on Windows7.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Mozilla eh?

      Well we’re going through some changes, so hopefully the next version will be okay.. Thanks for letting me know. For best results use Google Chrome.

  5. Fred "Kenji" Smith Says:

    Korea is so stupid. Japan is so much better. Why would anyone ever want to go to Korea?

    • Well its like picking what fruit to eat. If you eat only apples for 20 years and then you find stuff about pears and you try a pear… Who knows the pear might bring a significant taste to your bored taste buds. Same goes to visiting Korea. I’m not saying Korea is better than Japan. Its just that one can learn more by experiencing new things than choosing not to

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