World IT Show 2010 – VISITED!

Women say that there is a 3D HD LED TV display in the picture, but not a single man has found it yet.

So yesterday I decided to check out the 2010 World IT Show in the Coex Exhibition Hall. What I saw there will blow you away. There were three different halls, the small business hall (from specific regions) and then the corporate hall. OBVIOUSLY the corporate hall was really flashy and amazing even for the most insignificant of products. However, that doesn’t mean that the small business hall was by any means boring. In fact, there were a few dazzling products there too.

Quite possibly the best thing I saw there was several versions of the 3D TV. Some of them needed glasses, others didn’t. In all cases the TV looked like you were looking in, rather the image on the TV coming out at you.

One independent company made the hologram TV, which made it look like the image was right in front of you, but you had to be right in front of the TV and at the right angle, otherwise it wouldn’t be at all visible. I think this is a technology they have not yet mastered, but I am sure we will see more of it in the future.

What else did you see there?

A lot, actually. Read about it after the jump!

Other cool things included a surround sound system that actually sounds like it’s behind you when it isn’t (if you stand in a specific place). Several video walls, touchscreens galore, bluetooth speakers the size of my thumbnail, paper thin large screen TVs, interesting game apparatus, DMB 2.0, several cool apps for the iPhone, a scanner that reads business cards and adds the information to your contact list, a 3D picture phone, cell phones with projectors in them, a 3D scanner, a 3D printer that makes your 3D scanned image out of plastic, electronic price tags that store owners can wirelessly change from a computer, Virtual Reality gaming helmets, and more . I can’t begin to list it all here, so starting next week, I’ll go more in depth into what I saw. There were a few foreign companies participating in the IT Show, but naturally there was an overwhelming presence of Korean makers.

It just made me think. Everything here looks so futuristic and light years ahead of how I remember the U.S. I remember also coming to Korea in the 1980’s to visit and thinking the U.S. was lightyears ahead of Korea technology wise. The gap is now so startling that I really do feel that any American in this IT Show would think he’s in the year 2030 or so.

I made a video showing some of the things I saw, so please enjoy it!


18 Responses to “World IT Show 2010 – VISITED!”

  1. Sihoon0513 Says:

    wow great. I guess the clip shows that Korea is one of the best IT country. I really want to visit there and I am willing to join the next exhibition. Korea Rocks!

  2. O.o OMG!!!
    This just made me want to go to Korea even more ^.^

  3. Sorry I’m posting this here, but I didn’t know where else to put it.

    I posted a new blog about Korea on my blog, check it out and let me know what you all think 😉

    It’s in Spanish but there’s a translator inside the blog.

    Also check out

  4. sihoon0513 Says:

    Yeah I’m from Korea, but I never been there that is why i want to go to exhibition dude haha.

  5. Wow.. awesome…..! How is information technology always developing so fast like this..? +_+

  6. Yes!! I would love that 😀
    thank you!

  7. Chris Lee Says:

    I hate myself sometimes i cant just go in and see such a big event in Korea as Im in overseas..

    But good to have a look at these pictures and videos!! substitute behavior lol
    Thank you so much!^^

  8. Guess what! My post promoted that Korean Restaurant and a couple of my friends went today 🙂

  9. Wow!!!! 3D picture phone! I can’t imagine yet how it comes.

  10. Youngboom Says:

    Wow !!!!!!!!

  11. Woow! It’s amazing to see how technology is developing day by day. It’s just incredible!
    Which brand did the first 3D Tv? Actually, wasn’t it Samsung?

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      At the moment Samsung is leading in that field in Korea, but I think in the world there are other makers as well.

  12. Technology and hot girls =D Not thing can go wrong

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