World IT Show 2010

As we speak, I am at the world IT show in the Coex Exhibition Center. There are so many cool things here that I’ll have to post about later, but if you want to check out the website it’s here. By the way, I am writing this entry on a touch screen projection with my bare hands. It’s freaking awesome.


3 Responses to “World IT Show 2010”

  1. Awesome!!
    I work with an IT team (I’m an account administrator) and I bet lot’s of my workmates would looove to be there!,
    I’ll be passing the link to them 😉

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I used to work in IT too… to tell you the truth though, I think writing about servers and networks would be kind of boring. It was more of a technology expo, so I’ll be showing those kinds of things..

  2. hahaa yea I don’t like a servers/networks talk either, I just can’t wait to get the opportunity to visit Korea and see all of this myself XD

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