Media Pole in Gangnam Area.

Well it certainly looks cool...

A few posts back I wrote about these signs in the Gangnam area which I thought were LED signs. Well it turns out, I was totally wrong. I guess that’s my fault for taking a picture from the bus instead of getting out to inspect the thing. Well, last night, I was watching the Korea vs Japan soccer match with some friends in Gangnam after work and I got a closer look at one.

Can the magic of 2002 happen again?

The Korean team is really good this year. Either that, or the Japanese team is really horrible! I can’t believe the ease at which this game was won. I can remember several years ago when a Korea-Japan match was gut wrenching down to the wire. This time.. it was just.. blah. I didn’t really feel any tension after an early goal by Park Jisung (see, if we were going on about Revised Romanization, it would be Bak Ji Seong, but since he himself has chosen Jisung, it’s what we must use). Anyway I think that the Korean team can….

Can you talk about what you were originally talking about? Those signs in Gangnam?

Ah, right. Well it turns out, the thing is actually called a media pole. It’s in fact very similar to Digital View, the touch screen map in the subway stations. Anyway the features I saw on the media pole included news, navigation, and photo mail. There’s a camera in the pole, and you can use it to take a picture of yourself and others, then send the picture to your cellular phone. It’s pretty neat, but I don’t think people are going to use it that often. Maybe I’m wrong though, because It’s still kind of cool.

Here’s a video of it in action.


7 Responses to “Media Pole in Gangnam Area.”

  1. You are wrong people use these poles all the time~

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Okay. I’m certainly not an expert on the poles. I guess if they are really popular in the Gangnam area we will see them spread to elsewhere.

  2. Cool! I think it can be used as a good commercial tool. but.. I wonder.. what’s the original purpose of putting it in the subway stations?

  3. In this case I can understand its utility! The subway in Milan is so old and the maps are old ruined 😐

  4. You’re right but not everyone has a smartphone with internet connection…

  5. eunyoung Says:

    I used this tool! It’s so surprising how amazing it is.

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