High Tech nanobots developed in Korea!

A Borg injecting a victim with nanoprobes, from Star Trek

So, watchers of Star Trek voyager may remember that the Borg assimilated their victims by injecting them with something called nanoprobes. These nanoprobes were microscopic robots that would take over a victim’s cellular functions, thus accelerating the assimilation process.

OKAY you got me! The fact that I still know this proves I’m a Star Trek geek, (also known as a Trekkie). Yes, I know Captain Kirk’s middle name. Yes, I know how stardate translates to real date. Yes, I know that Captain Picard’s first assignment as captain was to the U.S.S. Stargazer. You’ve outed me. How else am I going to segue into a news report about tiny robots that operate in the blood stream?

While the Borg’s usage of tiny robots in Star Trek had a seriously malicious process, Korean scientists have designed nanobots that can clear clogs in a patient’s veins and arteries. There is even some speculation that the technology could later be applied in cancer treatments, but no word on that exactly now.

This article gives a lot of information about the nanobots and how they work.

The robot is designed to move inside arteries guided by an indigenously developed movement control algorithm and a three-dimensional electromagnetic field regulated by a joystick. It also has a built-in “drill” or crushing head that can open clogged arteries. The drill is capable of up to 1,800 rotations per minute, while the entire robot can be moved 50mm per minute using the electromagnetic field.

Here is the nanobot. Notice how tiny it is!

According to the article, the robot is maneuverable manually, yet also can be programed to go to a specific point in the body that is pre-programmed. This sounds really high tech and cool, but something about the robot itself scares me. I mean, if something went wrong and I needed to get it out of my body, would I then require surgery?

I imagine that because of this fear, they have yet to test the robot on human subjects, instead they have been using baby pigs. Let’s hope that this new product can be used safely and that it can be beneficial to all.


10 Responses to “High Tech nanobots developed in Korea!”

  1. Wow! I hope that the nanobot can be used very soon.

  2. The Seoul Searcher Says:

    The proposed schedule is 10 years…

  3. I hope so too! 😉

  4. Gina Joy Says:

    You may find the following web site interesting as we are already making use of some Trek tech in the form of cell phones, MRI, GPS and the like. Check it out.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Definately cool, Gina, but all of those things in the top ten were made by the federation for good purposes (well I guess all except the phaser weapons.) In this case, we’re making stuff that the Borg made. Everyone strives to emulate the Enterprise’s technology, but who wants to be the Borg?

  5. Yikes! I wouldn’t let that near me no matter how safe they say it is!

  6. Good share,you article very great, very usefull for us…thank you

  7. Krishna Vadi Says:

    This thing has tremondous scope. My daughter suffers from Budd Chiari Syndrome. All three hepatic veins in her liver are blocked. This thing could save her from a life threatening liver transplant.
    How do I get in touch with the inventors?

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