Funny Zoo Picture

I went to the Seoul Zoo last weekend. I’ll write more about that later, but I kept laughing at the signs that I saw because whoever translated the text on the sign didn’t know what the sign was for.

Okay, I'm waiting......

I’d translate “잠깐!” in most situations as “Hold Up!” or “Hey!!!”. In it’s polite form “잠깐만요!” it can be used to get someone’s attention who is walking away from you.

The bottom of the sign says in Korean, (literal translation) If you throw snacks, plastic bags, or cans to the animals, it’s not okay.

I guess whoever translated it wants to be polite, so they changed it to “Just a moment please….”, but I am convinced that the person who translated it didn’t know what the actual layout of this sign was to be. If it were the case, he’d have gone with “Don’t Feed the Animals”, and that’d be it.

Instead I’m humorously left waiting…


7 Responses to “Funny Zoo Picture”

  1. hahaha! The translator must be a very respectful person!

  2. Gina Joy Says:

    tee hee!

  3. I don’t get it!

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      It’s a bad translation. Imagine there is a STOP sign. Someone translates it and decides to be nice. The sign after being translated has changed from STOP, to “Could you please cease movement?”

  4. haha 😀 I’ve just recognized it!
    (Usually, I don’t read English..-_-;)
    That should be changed..!! haha

  5. haha we have a lot of those unfortunately …

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