Shanghai Expo 2010! Here I come!

I’ve just learned that my company wants to send me to Shanghai, China for the 2010 Expo. This means that even though I often secretly gripe under my breath about my job, I am officially taking it all back now, because this assignment is AWESOME, and therefore so is my job. It’s not yet settled when I’ll be going exactly, but when I am there you can be sure that I’m going to update as much as possible. For a virtual look at the Expo, click here! The Expo website can also be used to see other countries’ pavilions as well. I’ll try to cover as many of them as possible, but most of my time will probably be spent in and around the Korea pavilion.

This will also be my first trip to China ever (excluding transit in airports). As such, I am a bit nervous. When I moved to Japan, I had the benefit of having already studied Japanese before going there. When I moved to Korea, I had the benefit of having been around the Korean language since childhood, and already knowing most of the grammar due to my Japanese ability. Chinese, other than a few Chinese Characters here and there, will be unintelligible to me. I’ll be okay though!!!

Then again, I am a native Standard English American English speaker going to an international event. I therefore probably have nothing to worry about. See you in China… Well, when I go there… which hasn’t been decided yet…


5 Responses to “Shanghai Expo 2010! Here I come!”

  1. Congrats!!!
    I’ve seen about the expo on CCTV-4 few days ago and I’m sure it would be a wonderful experience for you!
    I’ve looked at the website of the expo and at some pavilions. Some architectural creations are so beautiful! The Italian pavilion is schematic and too grey in my opinion, the Tunisian one has a nice “mashrabyya” pattern on the wall and it’s focused on traditions and then the Korean one is colorful and it spreads happiness.
    Enjoy your trip to Shanghai! ^_~

  2. The Seoul Searcher Says:

    Thanks, Mel!

  3. Gina Joy Says:

    You lucky duck!

  4. Wow. Have a enjoyable trip!

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