KIA Ray – Korean Green Car Pioneer

Korea wants to be top 4 in the global green car market

According to an article in the Korea Times, the Korean government is hoping that Korea can be the world’s 4th largest manufacturer of environmentally friendly cars. I’d have to speculate who the 1st 2nd and 3rd would be. Perhaps Japan and Germany, followed by the U.S.? I can’t imagine the U.S. making green anything (except too many dollars perhaps). Anyway, to become the 4th largest green car maker, Korean auto companies need to get 10% of the market, a daunting task considering that in February 2010, Korean green cars were only 0.5% of the market. Korea’s goal is 2010.


10%? That’s impossible!
Well perhaps it is a lofty goal but if the 2010 Chicago auto show is anything to go by, the innovative KIA Ray, a plug in hybrid, will certainly do its share. In fact, after only seeing a few pictures and a video, I want one. This car pretty much looks like a freakin’ spaceship. That alone will probably attract a mess of buyers. But this car isn’t all looks. It reportedly can go 50 miles on one charge before switching to gas, and then it gets 202 miles/gallon. It’s also jam packed with other planet-saving advanced technology, such as nano-laminate film to regulate the internal temperature and reduce the need for air conditioning. Solar cells on the roof of the car also power fans that assist with cooling the car.

Solar power? Heh, what if it’s dark or rainy? The car won’t work!
If it’s dark or rainy, you probably won’t need fans to cool the interior, genius!

Anyway, take a look at this video from the auto show. If all green cars are as cool as this one, then the future of the industry is bright. Korea can easily take a leading role.

Wow, that looks just like quasi-futuristic instrument panels from movies made in the 1980s!

Back seat arm rests in a compact car? WOW!


11 Responses to “KIA Ray – Korean Green Car Pioneer”

  1. Wow. Could you advice me which countries are available to drive the charming car?

  2. The Seoul Searcher Says:

    Samy, as a concept car, it’s not intended for sale on the market. Concept cars are different from production intent vehicles. The purpose of this concept car is to showcase (or show off) all the the advanced green technology and futuristic design that Korean companies like KIA can manage. I’ll get more information about what kind of car will actually hit the market.

  3. very well information you write it very clean. I’m very lucky to get this info from you.

  4. Abu Saad Says:

    It is not yet commercialized, i believe,. …. Well at least at the initial level its good effort as it will become the need of the future.

  5. CNN’s Colleen McEdwards reports on Kia’s use of technology to attract young car buyers this fall season.

  6. Very unique…

  7. The issue of global warming has gaining weight age in the last two decades. Kia’s
    Initiative to launch an environment friendly car is really an appreciating one…we hope that as the technology will progress such cars will come under the budget of common man as the environmental degradation can only be reduce by a comprehensive effort of each and every one on this globe

  8. Hyundai∙Kia Motors hands over vehicles for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

  9. I hope I can earn enough to get one of those in the future =D

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