Dual Citizenship Allowed in Korea!

Image Source: Korea Times

Breaking News!

The Korea Times has reported that a piece of legislation allowing dual citizenship has passed in the national assembly. This means that it will be possible for citizens of other countries residing in Korea to naturalize as Koreans without having to renounce their other citizenship(s). This is quite amazing since in the past, even people who were dual citizens at the time of their birth had to choose a citizenship before 18. Not so anymore! Korea is definitely moving forward and recognizing the reality that in our globalized world, there needs to be flexibility in how we define citizenship and nationality. Furthermore, this encourages a shift in Korea towards a more multicultural society.

Before, I had considered naturalizing, but never seriously, because I didn’t want to give up my U.S. citizenship. Now that I may not have to, It might actually be worth my while to acquire citizenship. I have not yet found any information as to when this law takes effect, but it is definitely a step in the right direction toward joining international society!


3 Responses to “Dual Citizenship Allowed in Korea!”

  1. Thats pretty neat lol I wish I had an American citizenship XD

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