Digital View on the Seoul Subway

Digital View in a Seoul Subway Station

I have to admit, I am a technology geek, and for that, it appears I am totally in the right country. I hereby present to you digital view – the future of subway navigation! Digital View was created by Daum, one of Korea’s leading internet portals. It has been installed almost everywhere in the Seoul Subway System

What is Digital View?

Well, think of it as a smartphone, only much much larger, and free. Do you see that gigantic screen? It is 100% touchscreen! I don’t know if the real purpose of Digital View is to navigate the subway and find your way around the city, or if it is just to show off how awesome Korean advanced technology is, but it serves both purposes very well.

What can it do?

I’m actually still learning about this myself. I’ve only fooled around with Digital View when I was waiting for the subway. I’ve found these features:

Subway Navigation: So in a huge subway system with so many interlocking lines it’s possible that the trip with the fewest transfers is actually longer than the one with more. With Digital View, you can click your start and ending stations, and it will optimize the route for you, showing you on the map how to go, and where to transfer.

Satellite View Map: Much like Google Earth, Daum also displays satellite imaging of the city. (actually I later found that it’s the whole country on the map, more on that later.) Once you get out of the subway, if you want to know how to go to a specific building, and what the building looks like, Digital View has already been there.

Phone: Digital View has a telephone. You can use T-money to pay for your calls on the telephone. (T-money is a kind of electronic money that can be used to ride busses and subways that usually comes in card form.) This is funny because some cellular phones here contain a T-money function, so it’s entirely possible that someone wishing to make a T-money call on Digital View will hold their cellular phone on the T-money panel for payment.

Information: You can get news, weather, and financial information from Digital View.

There are probably other things that it can do that I have not quite figured out yet. There’s a guy who writes a blog called Letters from Seoul who uploaded a video to youtube about Digital View. I am shamelessly using his video here because it shows all of the features.

When I was playing with Digital View, I found that the map extends further than just Seoul. It actually shows the whole country. I wanted to see Digital View’s stance on the territorial dispute over Dokdo, Korea’s easternmost point. After about 3 minutes of wiping the map further and further eastward, I found it!

Hey Look! I found Dokdo in Digital View!


17 Responses to “Digital View on the Seoul Subway”

  1. It seems be just an example of digitally connected society.

  2. The Seoul Searcher Says:

    I think they should have these at bus stops too, because navigating the busses is even more confusing than the subway…

  3. Gina Joy Says:

    We don’t have anything like this in America. Just backlit signs.

  4. Nice Information.. Thx for sharing this


  5. Thanks very good for report, I follow your blog

  6. great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you.

  7. Such facility will be a great helpful to visitors. You always give us a dynamic scene of Korea. Thanks.

  8. What an organization!! Here in Italy you always have to ask people where do you find this street or that building. Sometimes people in spite of saying you that they don’t know it, they give you a wrong information!!! Surely I wouldn’t get lost with Digital Views! 😀 Great!

  9. I hope it’s going to be displayed in Airport to so that those visitors from foreign countries can search and get info. from it.
    Anyways, this Digital View is just awesome haha

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I don’t think it’s practical in the airport because everyone is coming or going and doesn’t have enough time. The only time they’d be able to use it is when they are leaving and waiting for a flight. And why would anyone use it when they are leaving?

  10. Keep up the amazing work!! I love how you wrote this and I also like the colors here on this site. did you create this yourself or did you outsource it to a coder??

  11. well I think it looks way better than those old phones that you have to put coins in lol and I think they might implement the video chat in there maybe =D

  12. I tried to use it a couple of times, but I suck at reading maps… 😐
    but it’s helpful if you DO know how to read a map hehe

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