Be White? Why can't Yuna just be Korean?

Smoothie King Korea is starting to use 2010 Vancouver Olympic Figure Skating Champion Yuna Kim in advertisements. They’ve developed the Yuna Smoothie, which according to the website says it contains bananas, strawberries, oranges, and Yuna powder. I wonder what Yuna powder could possibly be?

The slogan of the ad is “be white.”

I like Yuna Kim, and I know this advertisment isn’t telling Koreans to strive to be white people, but I can only imagine the laughter from my friends if this were shown in the U.S. I wonder what be white is supposed to mean then. I assume it has something to do with snow.

After some research, I found a video about the TV commercial shows that the full campaign is called be white 2018, which means that it’s somehow tied in with Pyeongchang, Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics bid.

Funny though!


One Response to “Be White? Why can't Yuna just be Korean?”

  1. LOL sorry but we’re yellow XD

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