World Photonics Expo 2010 Gwangju, Korea

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then unnecessary blinking lights are a man’s best friend.
The more affluent of the male species often attaches superfluous lighting to anything he can imagine, from fog lights on a sports car, to an LED tie clip, to laser pointers, if it lights up, you can be sure that simple men will buy it. I’ve never been terribly impressed by unnecessary lighting, but I remember my younger brother had a car with an ashtray that had LEDs turn on inside it when you opened it. He instructed smokers not to use the ashtray so as not to damage the LEDs. (Note to brother, I’m not calling you simple.) Even though I don’t much care for silly lights, I’m still very interested in an upcoming event, the 2010 World Photonics Expo in Gwangju, the largest city in southwestern Korea.

Gwangju is a perfect venue!
I find it appropriate that such an expo would be held there, as the Chinese characters representing Gwangju are the words 光 (light) and 州 (state). So we could theoretically say that the Photonics Expo is being held in the city of lights!

About Photonics
According to the website promoting the expo, the photonics industry is growing rapidly in Korea. 10 years ago there were only 47 photonics companies in Korea, and now there are 480. That’s more than tenfold in only ten years. There must be a huge demand for lights for industry to grow like this. I suppose that Korean photonics companies like these are responsible for the lighting displays and light shows I mentioned in the N Seoul Tower article.

Expo Events
Among some of the most interesting (well most interesting to me anyway) parts of this expo is the Photonics related industries exhibition. I really want to check out the international motor robots exhibition. Robots are en example of an advanced technology that I believe will experience a lot of growth in the future. The robots will mostly be home appliance robots, so I don’t expect to see Optimus Prime there, but I’m still very interested in this part of the expo.

Another part that I would like to see is the light festival. That’s going to be cool to see as many of Gwangju’s buildings will have been decorated with lights and there will also be fireworks, celebrating the event.

I desperately want to go to this expo, which is being held in Gwangju right now until May, 9th. Hopefully my company will have business in Gwangju that I must attend, so that I get a chance to visit the expo.


4 Responses to “World Photonics Expo 2010 Gwangju, Korea”

  1. Light is more than just a symbol of hope, itsn’t it.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Yes, it also helps you to read at night time, explore caves, and clean wax out of your ears!

  2. Abu Saad Says:

    Well, Korea is becoming the hub of Exhibitions , The most impressive thing is the promotion of each city/province and its related exhibitions.

  3. Did you get to go??? lol I don’t know yet cause I’m still reading your posts

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