DMB 2.0 Improves Upon the Original!

Just as I finished writing my entry on DMB, a friend of mine informed me that an improvement on DMB is in the works! It’s called DMB 2.0 and rather than bringing radio and TV broadcasts, it’s so much more!
The current DMB service allows one way communication, with a sender (the TV and Radio Stations) and the receiver (my dinosaur phone). But with DMB 2.0, two way communication is possible, and that doesn’t mean just text messaging. DMB 2.0 is truly a more advanced technology.

Find the latest weather or news while watching a drama (left). Answer a survey about which team you think will win the game (right)

After reading more (in Korean) about the differences between DMB 1 and 2, I’ve learned that while watching a program, it will be possible to get information about the program you’re watching. So for example, if you are watching the news, and you want more detailed information about whatever story they are broadcasting, you can click something and read more in depth.In addition, it appears you can connect to wireless internet at the same time as watching the content. So if you want to do some internet banking while watching your favorite drama, or an important sports program, it’s not necessary to interrupt the broadcast to run your errands. I guess this is especially important if you are the busy type that can’t wait to do your menial internet errands once you get home or to wherever you are going.
Finally, and most interestingly, DMB 2.0 can allow users to participate in live programs. For example, if there is a game show you are watching, and the show calls for audience voting, or audience advice, you can cast your vote or give your advice. Also there may be live chat rooms associated with the TV program which you can utilize to enhance your experience, and possibly make friends!

I think these handheld devices are getting more and more advanced and I think it’s quite amazing. What could possibly be the next step? I’d like to one day see a hologram phone which projects a 3D image of the person you are talking to, or a POV handheld TV that lets you change the angle of sight by turning the TV in your hand.

Jeez Louise Doc!

Jeez Louise Doc!

If you remember the movie “Back to the Future II,” some of these devices we are using now would not have been out of place in that film’s future scenes. While I don’t expect that by 2015 we will have flying cars and hoverboards like what appeared in that film, I think that as far as handheld media goes, we can easily be on par with Hill Valley in 2015, or in some cases, even better. It’s actually quite funny to think about past representations of the future, only to see that those visions of the future are actually horribly outdated. Another good example would probably be Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, which has a distinctly 1970’s feel to it.

So there you have it. DMB 2.0 will change the way we view handheld media.


7 Responses to “DMB 2.0 Improves Upon the Original!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So Cooool!!!

  2. I wish iPhone has DMB 2.0 feature.

  3. So cool!!! I expect to do internet shopping much easily. Will you update the progress of DMB 2.0 service.

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