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This is a post that I made for the Seoul Searcher blog. At the time I was supposed to hide my identity, but that’s dumb.  Anyway I don’t want to delete anything I did there.  You can see it is oozing with love for Korea, because Korea is the most awesome country in the world, didn’t you know? /sarcasm

About this blog

A lot of people think about Korea as an exotic far away place or a war torn backward developing country.  This blog is meant to show that Korea is neither of these, but it is a modern society.  Also, people tend to think of Japan and China when they think about Asia, and I wanted to try to get people to really know this country as I know it.  I’m sure you’ll find that Korea isn’t a far away exotic place, and although I’d be lying to tell you that living here is very easy, It’s definitely a good place to live.  Believe it or not, there’s a little bit of Korea in everyone.  And, as much as possible, I’ll try not to insult your intelligence along the way.  One of my tags that I like to use frequently is “unnecessary accommodation for foreigners”.  A lot of times when otherwise well meaning Koreans come in contact with foreign people, they immediately go into accommodation mode, explaining everything that doesn’t need to be explained, teaching things that don’t need to be taught, complimenting things that don’t need to be complimented on, etc.  I’ll explain things from time to time, but I’ll try to keep in mind that most likely, you know.

Defacto Logo for now...

About The Seoul Searcher

That’s me, and no, you can’t know my real name, nor may you ever see a picture of me. Why? I want to keep my identity private so that all you stalker women will have no way to find me. Seriously though, it’s best that I don’t reveal exactly who I am or where I work, because then I’d have be extremely careful as to what I can and can’t write, as it may affect either myself or my company. I don’t really want to be restricted in this manner, so unfortunately for the ladies (especially the hot ones), you’ll never get the chance to gasp in awe of my dashing looks (unless you meet me personally somewhere.) However, I will give you a little biographical information just so you know where I am coming from:

I’m a man. Unfortunately for some, that means that everything I write will be from a male perspective. However, my index finger is longer than my ring finger, which some say is an indication that I have a female mind. I don’t totally agree, but most of my friends are girls, so maybe there is some truth to that.

I’m an American. Yes, I have a blue passport! That makes me an American. I grew up on the East Coast of the United States in a very multicultural area. (Lucky ME!) As such, I like baseball and don’t understand cricket, but strangely (strangely to most Americans, that is) I have grown to like soccer during my time abroad. In addition I speak standard English English with an American accent.

I work for a Korean company. Which one? Well, for the same reason that I won’t reveal my name, I’m not going to reveal my company. Just let it be known that this company is super smart, because they hired me! In my job, I get to travel a lot! So this is why I can tell you about all the places I visit, and the experiences I have going to and coming from there.
I speak Korean. Yes, this matters a lot. I’ve read some other peoples’ blogs and message boards about being an expat in Korea and usually the ones who complain the most are those who don’t speak the local language. That doesn’t mean that those who do speak Korean never complain, and I do my fair share of that as well.

I’m Korean. Well, kinda. Like I said, I’m a U.S. citizen, but my father has his roots here in Korea.  That makes me Korean by some definitions.  It also kind of makes me Korean-American.  But some Koreans and Korean Americans would suggest otherwise because my mom isn’t Korean.  I grow tired of other people telling me what I am, but I’m used to it.

I’m kind of international.

I grew up in the U.S., lived for three years in Japan, and have been living in Korea since 2006.  I am trilingual in Korean, Japanese, and English.  I have a passing understanding of basic Spanish as I studied it for 4 years in high school, but I’ve forgotten most of it.  You could probably pick me up and drop me in any country and I’d be okay for the most part.

I’m SMART, HANDSOME, and also very MODEST! Actually that in itself is in the eye of the beholder, but I’d like to think that I have a decent sense of humor, so hopefully you readers can pick up on that so my jokes in writing actually make sense.


55 Responses to “About TheSeoulSearcher.com”

  1. Good to find out your website.
    I love it.
    I’ll be looking forward to seeing more and constant articles here! 😀

    (maybe i can help you with the articles somday as i’ve been working as a writer.)

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’m trying to write as many articles as possible so people can see how wonderful Korea is. When I was growing up and I’d mention Korea, my friends would be all like, what’s that? Where’s that? Is that part of China? Now Korea is becoming a more popular place.

  2. hope more ppl around the world get more info. about Korea.

  3. I like your sense of humor! It makes me expect you to write interesting posts a lot 🙂

  4. hope all invitors have some infor. about Seoul through this website.

  5. Wow. I found very useful blog for me!!!

  6. Abu Saad Says:

    How i can get registered with this website, I would like to reply/comment etc.

  7. Abu Saad Says:

    Its good site to exchange experiences of people who are connected with korean business, cultrue etc world wide. I hope this site will give more specific information about on going developments in Korea.

  8. I would like to comment on the name of your website as it is quite appealing …It feels that in seoul you are searching your soul or in your soul you are searching seoul …I either case the idea is quite tempting

  9. parkmyungsoo Says:

    I’m SMART, HANDSOME, and also very MODEST!

    what the hey… hahahaha

  10. Hello, and nice to meet you and your blog. I’m going to check it often. Well this is more like a technical ask. Because I would like to know which CMS are you using for your page if it’s possible to know :P, and in such case it could be joomla I liked your twitter extension, could you tell which extension are you using?.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      twitter has some code on their webpage that allows you to insert the widget in your blog.

  11. Have you posted under the name “Seoul Searching”? You do not sound like a man.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      No, I’ve only used The Seoul Searcher on wordpress. I do have other names in other blogs that I run, but Seoul Searching isn’t one of those.

      As for my gender, I’m a man. What’s it to you?

      • Like a man would say “I’m a man. All XY here! 100% Genuine MALE!!!!” And you have posted on other forums under the name of “Seoul Searching” and you are a New Yorker of Jewish descent. Just cut the b.s.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I’m from Maryland, and I don’t have any Jewish blood in me as far as I know, but you’re welcome to guess again. How’s the weather out there in Ilsan?

  12. Anum Mughal Says:

    How did u learned Korean? I also want to learn it..:)

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      That’s quite a good question. I can’t say that I’ve really learned Korean so much as having been raised around the language. I’m by no means 100% fluent, but a lot of what I have learned is from normal everyday conversations with friends and family.

      As with any language, if you want to learn, you’ve got to STUDY!

      • Anum Mughal Says:

        i learned few words…

        Ahaan nan sio ( its mean Hello)

        Chamaniyo ( Welcome)

        il (1 one)

        thats what i only knoww…

      • Don’t even pretend to be Korean. You are not.

        • The Seoul Searcher Says:

          So I guess if you can prove to the world that I am not, then it would prove that you are? I know how you feel man, if it’s any consolation you’re Korean to me 🙂

          • You go on some internet board and pretend to be a Korean British girl after explicity stating under another identity that you were a Jewish mutt from New York. Make up your mind.

          • The Seoul Searcher Says:

            Dude, have you ever heard of soul searching? It’s a kind of idiom in English that means to find oneself through some kind of personal journey or exploration of the self. I thought I was being clever by switching soul with Seoul, but it appears I wasn’t. There are even other blogs which use a variation of my name. I’m not a Korean British girl and I’m not a Jew from New York. I am from Maryland, my father is Korean, and my mother is white. If I could do it again, I’d change the name of my blog to something else.

  13. I’ve just subscribed to your RSS feed. I love your content.

  14. Keep working ,great job!

  15. 不错的文章,很适用

  16. Walker Teitelbaum Says:

    A genuinely beneficial article by you my pal. We have bookmarked this web page and can are available back again following several days to verify for just about any new posts that you just make. I’m planning on visiting Korea soon and I think you know what’s going on there!

  17. Robin Beckman Says:

    Great post I must say.. Simple but yet entertaining and engaging.. Keep up the good work! I’ll probably check this blog a lot in my spare time.

  18. Su Nicol Says:

    Why didn’t you put up any of your background on here?

  19. 看了你的文章 受益菲浅 不错 不错 哈哈

  20. I think it is unfortunate that you are not more personal in your blog, I would find it much more interesting! (I’m not saying it’s not good now…). However, I understand your choice.

    I also see how this is natural – as you are male – but I think that maybe this blog appeals more to men in general, because it has a strong “male touch”… But I love the fact that you write about girly stuff too.

    checkout my blog – I will become even less private soon as I will ad a video blog page to my blog 🙂

    if I see a mindblowingly handsome dude walking down the streets i will remember to say hello ~
    take care~

  21. by the way are you asian looking or western?

    just for future reference~

  22. Extremely Fine see. Offers Gives thanks for this..

  23. yeh, I’ve thought you are a man~ haha, do great job! Thank you^^

  24. hahaha such emphasize on “I’m a man. All XY here! 100% Genuine MALE” XD

  25. Hola, me gusta la website!!! Saludos desde Campeche, México

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